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Theresa Aberle '12 (CECH)


Theresa Aberle

I returned to school midlife to shift gears. First, I came to UC to get a degree in Secondary Education because I wanted to teach or get back into corporate training. An amazing thing happens when you stop everything to go back to school. There is a newfound love of learning that begs to be fed. It seemed that I, like so many students, found that I wanted to learn it all! I wanted to become everything that I studied! or somehow incorporate it into one thing that would allow me to do it all! There is so much out there. It doesn't matter if you come to school at 18 or 80, if you find the right fit, studying is fascinating! I took my education and stayed at UC with the Career Development Center.

So, now I have the opportunity to live vicariously through my students here at UC. I get to learn about engineering, nursing, teaching, and so many other things while teaching my classes on Career Decision Making or working one on one with students to create a professional resume.

Because of the Career Development Center, I completed a masters in Curriculum and Instruction/ Instructional Design Technology to create an avenue to help me better serve CECH, Nursing, and Allied Health.

UC has been an amazing place to learn and work! And that's Cincinnati Smart.