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UC International Student Graduates after Four Years of Studying Abroad – and Only Thinks About Golf

Maria Roos and fellow golfers

left to right: Olivia Dose, Maria Roos, Andrea Malek

Maria Roos, UC International Student, was a Bearcat on the women’s golf team for four years. Now she is heading back to Sweden.

By: Tobias Muller

It’s a thin line between a passion and an obsession. Maria Roos, University of Cincinnati alumna, passed this line a long time ago. Her life is dedicated to golf in such a big manner that she worked as a cleaner just to finance her golfing. This dedication is also why she came to the US in the first place.

Maria was born and raised in the city of Uppsala in the south-east of Sweden. After graduating high-school, she did not want to cut back in playing golf, a sport she fell in love with when she was only nine years old and played for the first time. Five years later she was already participating in competitions.

Maria turned out to be very talented and her hobby became more and more time-consuming. She did not know if she could combine Swedish university and her passion. So she decided to go to the United States of America. Academic life and sports are as intertwined in the US as nowhere else in the world, and the conditions for athletes are extremely good.

Maria gained a scholarship, but the new environment was a rough experience. “Being so far away from my friends and my hometown was very challenging. My parents were around to support me at the beginning. After they were gone, however, it sometimes was really hard, especially when I had a stressful time in school.”

Not only did Maria move from her hometown to the US, she also had to move within the United States. She spent her first year at Mississippi State University, but switched to Cincinnati to become a Bearcat. Three other Swedish golfers were part of the women’s golf team, so she was not alone here.

Maria Roos on golf course

Playing golf in Sarasoto, Florida

She became an important part of the team and played various tournaments. After four years of sports and education, however, Maria’s long time abroad came to an end. She graduated this spring and earned a degree in Journalism and a certificate in International Human Rights.

Now Maria is heading back to Sweden. She does not know yet what exactly she is going to do back in her hometown, but one thing is for sure. “I will continue playing golf, and I will look for a job which allows me to do that,” she said. The she added with a smile “I have a degree now, so I hope I do not have to be a cleaner again.”

Even though she had missed Sweden when she arrived in the United States, Maria is sure it will be the other way round this time. For instance, she will miss friends and local food. Nevertheless, Maria and the US will not be separated for a very long time. “Next year, my twin-sister is going to graduate in the United States. I will come back here, and we will travel around as long as possible.”