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E-Media Student Zachary Gerberick Porduces Powerful Video in France

Zach Gerberick and a mime.

Zach Gerberick enjoying the lighter side of France.

UC student Zach Gerberick spent one month in France to work on a video project. The outcome is spectacular.

People connect France to a lot of things, for example nice weather, beautiful beaches and an affinity to ridiculously long kinds of bread.

UC Student Zach Gerberick went to Normandy, though, a region of France that is primarily known for its rich history and not for bikinis or Baguettes.

Gerberick traveled there to improve his French and to do an independent study. His major is e-media, and he minors in fiction writing and film/ media studies. His independent study is a series of videos, and this is the first in the series.

“For this video I’ve focused on capturing moments of tranquility and serenity, paying close attention to my five senses, especially sight and sound, as well as emotion,” Gerberick said.

The outcome is a portrait of a region, old, sad, yet full of joy. He combines his recorded footage with a self written voice-layover and piano-music.

Even though his video does not portray the more light-hearted parts of his trip, Gerberick became a huge fan of France.

“My time in France was, easily, one of the best times of my life,” said Gerberick. “and I'd like to thank the University of Cincinnati for giving me that opportunity!”

>> View Zachary Gerberick's Video