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Benjamin Ko

Mixing Engineering with Business

On my second rotation at AtriCure, Inc., I was given the fantastic opportunity to follow one of the medical devices I’ve worked on for more than a year through market release and surveillance. This means I traveled across the United States and Europe attending cardiac surgeries and speaking with surgeons and AtriCure sales personnel about the efficacy and ease with which our device is used.

After hearing the feedback, I returned to the home office in West Chester, OH, to make improvements to the device.

In total, I attended nearly 20 open heart surgeries, visited four different states and took four separate trips to Europe, covering nine different countries, including Germany, Switzerland, France and England!

While in Europe, I opened discussion lines with our European sales force to hear their input on the device’s design. Because their market is so different from the US market, their needs and wants were also very different.

 Although I’m a biomedical engineering student, I was given the opportunity to hone my business skills in the form of conflict management, marketing and sales. I’m incalculably grateful to AtriCure for their trust in my abilities, and I can’t wait to continue to learn from them!

Benjamin Ko

Benjamin Ko