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Lyndsey Miller

Choosing Education First

Lyndsey Miller

Lyndsey Miller says science and math have long been her favorite subjects, because they can be applied to everyday life. Amid growing concerns that U.S. students are falling behind other countries in math and science, Miller now exemplifies how UC is becoming a national model for raising the bar on preparing teachers for these fields.

Miller, a UC junior, is one of 29 UC students awarded a Choose Ohio First Scholarship for pre-service teachers through UC’s College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH). Funded by the State of Ohio, the Choose Ohio First Scholarship program aims to attract, retain and graduate students into the high-demand STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math, medicine) disciplines and strengthen the state’s workforce.

“When I told some people about how I wanted to change my major from pre-pharmacy to education, they just couldn’t believe why I would want to work so hard wiping noses, giving out homework and getting paid so little, when I could have been a pharmacist making a large sum of money,” says Miller. “But seeing a child achieve is worth more than a huge paycheck.”

Miller, a student in the University Honors Program for academically talented students, says her passion for science was fueled during her senior year of high school. A Glen Este High School graduate, she credits her teacher, Mrs. Burris, for stimulating her interest in science by conducting “bizarre science experiments.”

“But science also requires study and dedication. With middle-school students, I’ll be able to take them beyond the basics and go a little bit deeper into science and demonstrations with interesting experiments,” Miller says.

“I want children to become interested in learning to better themselves, and hopefully make themselves lifelong learners, since that’s really what education is all about,” Miller says. “This is way more than just a job for me,” she says.