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Radhika Grandhi

UC Biology Student Leads Organization to Success with Food

Written by Chip Reeves ‘12

Radhika Grandhi

A pancake breakfast probably sounds like an unlikely source for anything more than a full belly and a sugar-high from too much imitation maple syrup.

But UC biology junior Radhika Grandhi proved probability wrong.

Last year, Grandhi, 20, helped amass more than $1,200 for the Cincinnati-based Freestore Foodbank by holding A Day of Caring pancake breakfast. Freestore Foodbank remains one of the region’s largest food banks, annually distributing more than 12 million pounds of food.

As president of the UC chapter of Circle K International (a Kiwanis organization), Grandhi and other CKI leaders planned the event and succeeded in bringing in a sizeable donation for the hungry inhabitants of Cincinnati.

A Day of Caring pancake breakfast started in the Dayton area (Grandhi’s hometown). Grandhi’s CKI-led breakfast was the first one held by a student organization. The group worked with members of St. Monica-St. George Parish, where the event took place.

“Through my involvement in campus organizations like ROAR tour guide, Circle K International and Phi Sigma Theta, I have learned how to more effectively communicate with a diverse population,” Grandhi said.

After the first successful event, Grandhi and the UC chapter Circle K International proposed holding A Day of Caring every year.

Apart from the breakfast affair, being president of CKI means Grandhi offers a variety of service opportunities every month and oversees the group of more than 40 active members – an impressive statistic, as the group had only a handful of members when it started in 2009.

While running the service-oriented organization, she also pursues her biology major as a pre-med hopeful and wants to attend medical school in 2013. “I have a great passion for the sciences,” says Grandhi.

But she found more than a continued love for science at UC.

“UC has diversity on all aspects - from racial diversity to socioeconomic diversity,” she said.  “And in my time at UC, I feel that I have got a glimpse of the real world and all of what people can offer.”

And, it seems Grandhi has given UC a small glimpse of what she can offer.