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What is CLEP?

CLEP gives students the opportunity to demonstrate prior learning and to earn credit for that knowledge by earning qualifying scores on any of the 33 CLEP examinations. The Testing Services Department at the University of Cincinnati offers all 33 CLEP tests (with the exception of the optional essays) in our proctored testing computer lab. Descriptions of all 33 exams are provided by CollegeBoard.

For UC Students

UC accepts credit for CLEP exams based on when the CLEP exam was received and your current enrollment status. CLEP credits will only be applied if you are a currently enrolled student, although they will remain in our system if we receive them while you are not enrolled. Click here for the UC CLEP credit key.

In all cases, we recommend that you speak with your advisor about the CLEP key that applies to you and make sure that it will meet any degree requirements that you have.

For Non-UC Students

Anyone can take CLEP at UC's Testing Services! The process for registration is exactly the same. You will, however, want to be sure to speak with your academic advisor or someone in the Registrar's office at your college or university to make sure that the CLEP test you want to take will be accepted at your school and will give you the credits that you are looking for. Do not reference UC's CLEP keys- they are determined by UC and have no impact on how other institutions choose to apply CLEP credits.

For Veterans and Military Personnel

Veterans are eligible to have all test fees reimbursed. Click here for more information.

All active duty military personnel, with a military ID card, are eligible to have the $80 CLEP test fee waived at the time of your test. You are still responsible for the $25 Testing Services sitting fee. Click here for more information. 

Preparing for your CLEP

Please refer to our page for further information on how to prepare for your CLEP.


Online Registration: http://registerblast.com/uc

Paper registration: http://www.uc.edu/testingservices/registration.html


$105 total
    -$80 to College Board by  credit card
    -$25 to Testing Services by credit card or e-check


CLEP testing is by appointment only. Schedule of CLEP testing: http://www.uc.edu/testingservices/testing-schedule.html


If you require accommodations due to disability, you may provide Testing Services with a copy of a current accommodation form from the institution where you are enrolled as a student. If you are not enrolled or do not receive accommodations at your home institution, you may contact UC's Disability Services Office to request accommodations. You will need to provide them with documentation received within the past 2 years that states your disability, the functional impairment of that disability as it relates to computer based testing, and recommended accommodations. The documentation must be from a professional who is certified in their field to diagnose and treat your disability. Email documentation to disabisv@ucmail.uc.edu attn: Mike Southern.



CLEP tests require a current government issued ID (such as a driver's license, passport, state ID or military ID) to be presented at the time of testing
Before taking the test, be sure to visit the CLEP website for important information from College Board