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Accommodated Testing Information for Faculty

Testing Services coordinates accommodated classroom testing on behalf of faculty for students with disabilities who are registered with the Disability Services Office. You, the professor, are notified of such accommodations when the student presents you with an Accommodation Form originating from Disability Services. Before receiving accommodations for your class, the student must have your signature on their Accommodation Form and that form on file with Disability Services. You may request that the student makes arrangements to take their test with accommodations at Testing Services. If you would like to provide these accommodations directly to the student, staff is available to assist you in ensuring that the accommodations being given are in compliance with the ADA AA. Otherwise, the following procedures outline the roles and responsibilities of the faculty, the student and Testing Services when an accommodated classroom test is given in Testing Services. 

  1. The student will present you with an Accommodation Form, which you will review, sign and return to them.
  2. Students must register to take their exams three days prior to the date of the test for tests given during the term, and one week prior to the day of the test for finals. They may register any time from the first day of the quarter through those deadlines. Those that do not follow this time frame will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and may have to take the test with the rest of the class and without accommodations.
  3. Registration for testing will be done online by the student; you will automatically receive an email informing you that he or she has registered to take your test at Testing Services. That email will include the student's name, UC ID number, date and time they have scheduled the exam, and a request for test instructions that will allow us to administer the exam according to your specifications (these instructions are described below). You will also receive a reminder email 24 hours prior to the test date.
  4. Students are instructed to schedule their test for the same time as the rest of the class; however, this may not be possible in all situations. There are two situations that may cause the student to request an alternate time:
    1. The student's accommodations would cause their test to  overlap with another class. If the student receives extended time, for example, and has a class immediately following yours, you must allow them to test at an alternate time so that they receive their full accommodation. You may choose this time as long as it fits into the student's class schedule and the Testing Services hours of operation. 
    2. If the time of the test falls outside of Testing Services business hours, we ask that you work with the student to find a time that is suitable for you both for the student to test. Evening testing is available until 8:00pm on certain weekdays during the term (these times can be found under Testing Hours on the left bar). Friday evening testing is also available for tests that are being taken by the rest of the class on Friday evenings. Testing Services is open from 8:00am-8:00pm Monday-Friday during finals. All tests must be finished by the closing time, including any time extensions received by the student.
  5. If the student requests to test at a time other than when the class is taking the test for any reason other than those just mentioned, you have the right to approve or deny that request at your discretion, as you would with any other student request to reschedule an exam.

    In the confirmation email, you will see a list of options for test submission and a link to our Accommodated Testing Cover Sheet. You may fill out this form and select the "Submit" button to submit the form and test to us via email. You may also send us the test via fax (556-1064), campus mail (ML0078) or in person at 102 University Pavilion. We strongly discourage allowing students to handle blank or completed exams. Please note that we request the time and materials permitted for the class and the window of time a student is permitted to take this test. We will not deviate from  these instructions without explicit instructions from the instructor. Students are given a 20 minute grace period following the latest time to begin their test before being turned away.
  6. The completed test will be returned according to your instructions, either by fax, email, or campus mail, immediately upon completion of the exam. We will also hold the test in our office for you or a TA to pick up. We will include beginning and ending test times, materials used, and any incidents noted with the returned tests. For any tests scanned or faxed, we will hold the paper copy of the exam for 30 days in a locked filing cabinet and then shred it, unless you give us other instructions.
  • Some important notes:
    • We suggest to students that when they submit their Accommodation Form, they also speak with you then or schedule a time to meet to discuss how you would like them to handle any specifics with accommodated testing for the term. At this time you may want to let the students know how you will be delivering the exams, if you want them to remind you in person prior to each test or if the registration email will suffice, if there is a TA who also needs to be notified of the exam, when the student may take exams that fall outside of our normal hours, etc. It is the student's responsibility to initiate this conversation with you.
    • Students are entitled to accommodations by this process only if they are registered with the Disability Services Office and follow the required registration procedures. Please do not send students to receive testing accommodations unless they are registered with the Disability Services Office. Disability Services is happy to assist students with obtaining appropriate documentation of a disability if it is needed.