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Cover sheet

ATTENTION FACULTY: (Updated 8/15/16) In order to circumvent a current issue with attaching documents to the jot form below, we have removed the buttons to attach documents and replaced them with a question to indicate "yes" or "no" if attaching documents. If you select "yes", you will be prompted to attach your documents to an email on the next screen. All attachments will be sent to Please be sure to indicate the student's name in the body of the email so we know for whom the attached document(s) is intended.

Please include a coversheet whenever you submit test materials to Testing Services.

To complete the coversheet, you may fill out the fields directly on this page and click "Submit Form to Testing Services" at the bottom. Alternately, you may download a copy of the form and send it through email or provide it to our office in hard copy form. Click here to download the Accommodated Test Instruction Form (Coversheet)

When completing the form...

  • ...include all requested information so we can securely administer your carefully designed exam.
  • not calculate extended time when listing "Total minutes allowed for class". We only need to know how many minutes the students in the classroom setting will be provided.
  • ...provide a number and/or email address where we can reach you directly during the exam, should any student questions arise. This could be your cell phone number or a lecture hall/classroom phone number. *Please note* We will not share personal number(s) with the student.

Tips if you are having trouble downloading the coversheet

  • Enter all information directly in the fields on this page instead (below).
  • "Save Link As..." for Internet Explorer, "Save Target As..." for Firefox or Chrome. If you receive a message that says "Please wait...", right-click the document on the screen, select "Save Link/Target As..." to save the form to your desktop or other folder, and then open the downloaded file.
  • Try a different browser. Internet Explorer typically will display the form without having to download it. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome may not.
  • Open with Different Viewer. Click the "Open with Different Viewer" message that may pop up at the top of the page.
  • Update your Adobe reader. You can update your Adobe Reader by clicking here.
  • Update your computer's Java. You can update your Java by clicking here.


Please contact our office at 556-7173 or with any issues.