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Cover sheet

Please fill out the form completely, print and return it as a cover sheet with the exam to the Testing Services Department. Let us know how much time the class gets, if any materials may be used, instructions for returning the exam, and any other relevant information we will need for test delivery.

If you are having trouble with the form, you may need to upgrade your Adobe reader.  You can do so here

If your Adobe reader is updated and you are still getting errors, they may be caused by specific browser settings. Try right-clicking the link and selecting "Save file as..." to save the form to your desktop or other folder. Then open the downloaded file.

If you're using Firefox, there is a known issue with the latest release of Firefox (v. 24). You can downgrade to version 20 to try to fix the problem.


If you are still having problems with the Accommodated Test Instruction Form link above, you may use the online form below to submit a cover sheet, exam, and exam materials.