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Accommodated Test Registration System

Testing accommodations are coordinated through the Testing Services office. Students will register to take their tests using the online registration system, outlined below.

Please review the test registration and test center policies listed here 

Once you have made testing arrangements with your instructor, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in here using your Central Login username (6+2) and password. If you do not know what this is, contact the UCIT Helpdesk at 556-HELP. You must register at least three business days prior to the day of your test during the term and one week prior to your test for finals. If you do not register within this time frame, you may have to take the test with the rest of your class and without accommodations. Once you log in, you will have the option of viewing and editing tests that you have already registered, or, to schedule a new test. To edit an existing test, click on the link to the link to view scheduled tests. There will be a small icon of a pencil next to your test; click that icon and you may reschedule or cancel a test.
  2. If you click "register a test", the first screen in the registration system will ask you to select which class the test is for from a list that is automatically populated with your class schedule. You'll then be asked to identify the date and time of the test, the amount of time in minutes that the class is getting for the test, the email address of your professor and a TA (if you need to send your registration information to a TA), and which accommodations you will be using for this test. The list of available accommodations will also be automatically populated based on the testing accommodations you have been assigned by Disability Services.
  3. The next page houses a calendar that allows you to select your time spot for the test. It will default to day and time that the rest of the class is taking the exam. If you need to take your test at a time other than when the class is scheduled, you will be able to change your time spot based on availability. Be aware that we are not open on Tuesday or Thursday evenings during the term; therefore, if you have a class that meets that night you need to make arrangements with your professor for an alternate time. We are open every evening until 8:00pm during finals. If you see that the appointment time that you need is unavailable, contact Testing Services (556-7173). After you register for an exam, you can return to the first screen and register for another exam. If you are finished registering for exams, please remember to log out of the registration system.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email when you submit your registration. Your professor will also receive an email stating that you scheduled an accommodated test with Testing Services and will be given options on how to submit the test to our office. You will both receive a reminder email 24 hours before your test appointment. Even with these emails, it is your responsibility to ensure that your test is received by Testing Services before your testing appointment. Professors will be given the option of emailing, faxing or sending the exam through campus mail.
  5. Arrive at Testing Services 10-15 minutes prior to your exam and bring a photo ID with you (UC ID is acceptable). No tests will be given without a photo ID.You must arrive no later than 20 minutes after your scheduled exam time, otherwise we must receive notification directly from your professor that we may give you the exam.