Accommodated Testing Timeline

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Tips to Ensure a Smooth Testing Experience

First week of classes:

  • Pick up your current Accommodation Form from Accessibility Resources (210 University Pavilion), have it signed by each of your instructors, and return it to DSO. Instructors may keep copies for their records.
  • Speak with each of your instructors about their procedures for accommodated testing (how tests will be delivered to Testing Services, how tests will be returned to instructors, any special instructions, etc.).
  • If your class falls on a Friday evening, work with your instructor(s) to determine an alternate testing time because Testing Services closes promptly at 5pm on Fridays.

At least three business days before a regular test:

At least seven days before a final exam:

During your last class before a test appointment:

  • Remind your instructor about your test appointment and the procedures you have agreed upon regarding obtaining and returning the test.

The day of your test:

  • Arrive on time for your appointment (10-15 minutes prior preferred).
  • Have your current photo identification with you.

Other considerations:

  • Register for all tests as soon as you receive your course syllabi at the beginning of the semester to reserve space and resources. Appointments can be rescheduled in the registration system one or more days prior to your scheduled appointment and can be deleted at any time.
  • If your instructor has agreed to send the test before your test date, call Testing Services at 513-556-7173 or email at to find out if it has been received.