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MPT Retake Information

The Math Placement Test is carefully designed by UC Math Faculty to assess math ability and correctly place students into their first UC math course. A “good” MPT score is not simply a high score, but a score that accurately assesses your math knowledge and abilities. An accurate MPT score is the first step in a successful math experience at UC. All students are given the option to retake the test one time. MPT retakes will be online, but must be proctored by UC staff, and can only be taken after 21 days have passed from your original MPT attempt. Please see the information below to determine if you should retake your test and your options for retake.

Why retake the MPT?

The MPT is used to ensure that students are placed correctly into their first math course. If you believe that the results of your initial MPT test do not accurately reflect your math abilities, then you may retake the exam one time in a proctored environment. Your highest MPT score will be the one that is used for your math placement.

Requirements for MPT Retake

Students may retake their MPT 21 days or later from their initial MPT attempt date.

Students must take the MPT Retake in a proctored environment

Students must have their UC ID number and photo identification to retake

When can I retake the MPT?

If you wish to retake the MPT, you may do so after 21 days from your initial test date. Your MPT must be proctored in Testing Services. Proctored MPT exams are given on a walk-in basis during regular testing hours (see left side bar). We strongly encourage you to contact us via email ( or phone (556-7173) before you come in to check for availability. You must bring a form of photo idenfication with you in order to be admitted for an MPT.