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UC Testing Services                                                            (513)556-7173                                                                                                                                          100 University Pavilion

Proctoring Services

Testing Services serves as a test center for outside schools or institutions that offer online or correspondence courses. These can be taken in our facility as either paper and pencil, or online tests.

The cost to take a proctored test for non-UC classes is $35 for the first 2 hours of testing, and $5 an hour for every hour after that. All payments must be made prior to beginning the test by credit card, check, money order, or cash (exact change only).

To set up an exam to be proctored by our office, first contact your school or institution to receive permission to take your test at UC. If contact information is needed, provide them with the following:

UC Testing Services
102 University Pavilion, ML 0078
Cincinnati, OH 45221
Proctor Supervisor: Emily Spinks

Phone: 513-556-7173
Fax: 513-556-1064
Web site:

It is the test taker's responsibility to ensure that your school or institution sends the test along with detailed proctoring and return instructions. Test takers are responsible for bringing an addressed and stamped envelope or paid courier envelope and label if the test must be mailed back.

Tests may be sent to us via mail, fax, email, USPS or courier service. Please be advised that USPS estimated times might be delayed by 1 or 2 days since the test must go through our campus mail system. It is your responsibility to make sure the exam materials are received by us in time to meet any exam deadlines put in place by your institution. Please schedule all tests at least 2 days prior to the testing date. All tests must begin at least 2 hours prior to our closing time.

Once you are given permission to take your exam here, you may set up an appointment during our normal Proctored Test Hours. Our registration system can be accessed here: We recommend that you contact us and confirm receipt of the exam prior to your appointment. Be sure to pay close attention to when your test must be received by your institution, and make your appointment with plenty of time to account for test return via the US Postal Service or a courier.

*We have several part-time proctors who may proctor tests instead of the supervisor. If you need the name of a specific proctor before our site can be approved, contact Testing Services with the day and time you would like to take the test to find out who will be proctoring on that day.


Testing Hours by appointment only. Register for tests here.


Non-UC Classes: $35 for first 2 hours of testing, $5 for every additional hour.

Credit Card, Check, or Money order made out to The University of Cincinnati


Online registration:

Paper registration:

Disability Related Accommodations

The school or institiution from where the test originates must directly provide Testing Services with a request for accommodations. If you are taking an exam for a UC class, you must be registered with UC Disability Services to recieve accommodations. You may contact them at