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Online registration is available for all tests given in Testing Services. Click the name of the test you want to take to be directed to the appropriate online registration. Please note that payment is required at the time of registration (Accommodated Testing has no fee).

Exam Name

Registration Deadline

Registration Fee

UC Accommodated Testing

3 days prior to day of test , 1 week prior for finals


UC Proctored Exams 48 hours before test $25 up to 2 hours
$5/hour for every hour after                $80 for Credit by Exam for EECS 1080C

Non-UC Proctored Exams


48 hours before test

$35 up to 2 Hours 
$5/hour for every hour after


We are not able to administer CLEP exams on 9/11/17 due to system maintenance.

Optional Essay Exams Not Available


48 hrs.     


$80 fee due by test day ** Fee increase to $85 effective 7/1/17**




 48 hours

$25 no essay
$80 test fee due on test day



Access GRE Registration Information

Access GRE Fee Information

Praxis Series Tests

Access Praxis Registration Information

Access Praxis Fee Information

Med Lab Science Life Experience Modules

Click here for more information about the Prior Learning Assessment process

$62 for one module + $60 for each additional module

Pearson Vue

Access Pearson Registration Information

Access Pearson Fee Information


Access MCAT Registration Information

Access MCAT fee information


Access LSAT registration information

Access LSAT fee registration

ParaPro Assessment- 

48 hours before test

$15 admin fee for CPS $25 admin fee for all other districts                      $55 ETS fee due on test day payable by credit card only.   


Access TOEFL registration information

Access TOEFL fee information

TEAS/CT- Not available April 24-28
48 hours before test $40 admin. fee           $55 TEAS fee due on test day- credit card only                          $25 CT fee due on test day- credit card only
Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Review Access PLA Portfolio Review requirements here. $62 for one credit hour + $60 for each additional credit hour