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Academic and Student Affairs Committee

University Rule 3361:10-1-05 specifies items reserved for action by each committee

Academic and Student Affairs committee action shall be required for:

  • General policies governing instruction and research;
  • Appointment and reappointment of deans and academic unit heads, promotion to full professor, granting of tenure, granting of emeritus status, and appointment to the association of graduate fellows;
  • Student admissions and enrollment policies; and
  • Student affairs and welfare.

The Health Affairs Subcommittee of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee shall oversee all activities that support the academic mission of the university’s Academic Health Center, including the university’s relationship with Board approved clinical practice plans as well as affiliations with other healthcare providers and health-related academic institutes and programs, and community health and medical affairs.

Academic and Student Affairs Committee Meeting Schedule

The Academic and Student Affairs Committee convenes on the Board meeting schedule, unless otherwise announced. The regular meeting of the board follows the committee meetings.

Date Location
May 12
620 University Pavilion, 3:00PM
May 27 620 University Pavilion, 9:00AM
Aug 3, 2015
620 University Pavilion, 1:00PM

Health Affairs Subcommittee Meeting Schedule

Date Location
January 27
Suite E 870 Care/Crawley Building
April 8 620 University Pavilion, 8:00AM