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University Rules: Students

* 40-3-01
Student organizations: Policies.
* 40-3-12
Student organizations: Hazing policy.
* 40-5-01
Conduct, rights and responsibilities: Charter of student rights and responsibilities.
* 40-5-02
Conduct, rights and responsibilities: Joint statement on rights and freedoms of students.
* 40-5-03
Conduct, rights and responsibilities: Statement of student conduct, policies and procedures.
* 40-5-04
Conduct, rights and responsibilities: Policies governing conduct.
* 40-5-05
Conduct, rights and responsibilities: Student Code of Conduct.
* 40-13-01
Financial aid: Short term loans.
* 40-13-02
Financial aid: Long term loans.
* 40-13-11
Financial aid: Applications and sources.
* 40-13-12
Financial aid: Verification of applicant's information.
* 40-13-13
Financial aid: Authorization of aid.
* 40-13-14
Financial aid: Expense money.
* 40-13-15
Financial aid: Standards of satisfactory academic progress (excluding M.D. majors in the college of medicine).
* 40-15-12
International students: Admission and English requirements.
* 40-25-01
Health services: Student health insurance.
* 40-25-12
Health services: Eligibility for care.
* 40-25-13
Health services: Medical records at University Health Services.
* 40-27-01
Identification: Identification card policies.
* 40-40-01
Military service: Students called to active duty or who enlist.

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