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Housing Application Process for Spring 2015

We've created an online process that allows you to make all your choices in one application. This means that you should have all your decisions made regarding hall preferences, roommate choices, budget options, etc.

This process must be completed within one submission. You cannot do a partial application, save, and come back.

Please review the steps below, read the Terms and Conditions, explore your options, and then apply.

Returning Resident:

Spring Semester 2015 Housing Application Now Available

2. Click Apply Online.
3. If you are over the age of 18 years, you will not need to submit the printed signature page to our office.  Your application will be valid through electronic signature.
4. You will not need to submit the non-refundable $50.00 application fee. However, you will be required to submit a $100 room deposit. Please contact the Housing office to make payment.

New Resident:

Before applying, you will need your Onestop login information (username and password) and M-ID number. This should have been provided to you during the confirmation process.  If you have misplaced this information you may use the following links to assist you:

Get My Username
Get my UCID

Please follow these steps in their order. When you begin the application, note that you will not be able to return and make changes. You cannot jump ahead to select your room; you must follow all the steps in their order.

  1. Read and Print the Quick Guide and Terms & Conditions. Both give you detailed information about the application process, and the contractual agreement you are entering, that you can reference as you complete the application.
  2. Click Apply Online (once you start, you must complete)
  3. Indicate your roommate preference(s), if any. Be sure to provide all requested information. You will need to input your roommate's M-ID number. Note: Your preferred roommate must also include information about you on his/her application. This is a reciprocal process. Housing & Food Services will make every effort to accommodate mutual roommate requests.
  4. Choose one of two meal plan options that are available to residents.
  5. Indicate your hall and room type preferences.
  6. Submit payment of the $50.00 non-refundable application fee and $100.00 security deposit. (read the Terms and Conditions and make sure you understand our refund policy.)
  7. Complete the information regarding meningitis and hepatitis vaccinations (required by the State of Ohio). If you have received the vaccinations, you will need to provide vaccination dates. If not, you will need to indicate you have read and understood the information provided.

The application is not complete and your room assignment cannot be made until both the application fee is paid and vaccination statement is completed. For students under 18 years of age, you must send in a signature page to complete your application.

Quick Links:

If you have any questions, email us at: UCHousing@uc.edu

Include your M # and be specific about your question or issue in the subject header

Recommended browsers for the Housing Application:

PC - Internet Explorer V6 or higher.

PC - Firefox 6 or higher

Mac – Firefox 6 or higher

GOOGLE CHROME and SAFARI are not supported.


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