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Contract Renewal Timeline for 2014-2015 Housing

Each year in January we offer students who currently live with us the opportunity to request specific housing in our residence halls before any first-year students apply. Students will be receiving information over the next few weeks outlining the steps they need to take to renew housing for next year. Current students in housing do not have to pay an application fee and can opt to have their deposit roll over for next year. Any damages for the current year will be billed separately and must be paid before August 1, 2014. The schedule below outlines the timeline for students making specific types of requests.

January 2014
13 (5 p.m.) - 16 (5 p.m.)
Residents wishing to return to their same rooms complete application
and room selection online.
17 (9 a.m.) – 21 (9 a.m.)
Displaced residents* complete application and room selection online.
22 (5 p.m.) - 24 (5 p.m.)
Apartments Only - students may choose any available room in UPA and Morgens
27 (5 p.m.) – 31 (5 p.m.) All current residents may choose any available room in any hall and
submit application and room selection online.


February 3 – March 31
(5 p.m.) – (Midnight) All current students (residents and non-residents) may submit an
application with hall and floor preference online.


April 1 – April 31
(8 a.m.) – (Midnight) Although still welcome to apply for housing, current students (residents and
no longer receive priority in room or hall selection.

*Displaced students are those students who, due to hall or programming changes, are unable to select their current rooms for next year.