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Quick Guide Instruction to Room Reservations

The following instructions apply to all students unless otherwise specified.

A few items to keep in mind as you select your room:

  • are any field with a red dot is required
  • when you select a room and confirm the room it is final
  • if your final room selection is in error you will need to visit the Housing office between 9:00am – 4:00pm weekdays for staff assistance.

    Central Login Service

    Enter your username and password.
    Click continue.


    Click Application located on the navigation bar on the left of the screen.
    Click Apply.


    Select the application period you wish to initiate your housing occupancy.
    Review Terms and Conditions (optional).
    Print a copy of Terms and Conditions for your records (optional).
    Close screen and return to Application.
    Click Next.

    New Room/Plan Preferences

    Current and New Residents: Select Meal Plan Preference (required)
    New Residents: Also select Room Preferences.
    Click Next to Continue.

    New Roommate/Matching

    Enter the M number of your preferred roommate(s).
    Press your tab key to view the roommate(s) name(s).
    If you entered your preferred roommate’s M number and their name did not pop up, either the M number is incorrect or your preferred roommate has not confirmed their admission.

    Roommate Matching
    Update your roommate matching criteria.
    Click Continue.              

    Application Summary

    Please verify the data you have entered and click “Continue” if you are satisfied.
    If there are changes you wish to make, click “Redo” to cancel this application and begin the process over.
    Your data will be saved ONLY on click of the “Continue” button.

    Print Application Summary if you wish to retain this information for your records.


    Click Profile Information – Review and update (red dot = required field).
    Please indicate “yes” or “no” in the Disability field of your profile.
    If you marked “yes”, please contact Disability Services at www.uc.edu/disability.html to discuss your housing needs.

    Click Continue.
    Click OK to continue and wait for the confirmation message.
    Print a copy for your records.
    Your profile details have been saved.
    Click on Contact Information to continue.

    Contact Information – (Emergency contact: parent, relative, or friend).
    Review and update (red dot = required field).
    Click Continue.
    Your contact information details have been updated.

    Returning Residents – click “Self Assignment” to continue.
    New Residents – click “Make Payment” to continue.

    Self Assignment

    Click General Room Selection

    Click Continue to see Building Details (10 = Calhoun Hall; 17 = Campus Rec Center; 21 = Dabney Hall; 24 = Daniels Hall; 90 = Turner Hall; 91 = Schneider Hall; 96= Siddall Hall; SH## = Stratford Heights (## represents individual building number)), Room Rates, and Meal Plan Rates ,if desired.
    Click Advanced Search to pick a room.
    Follow steps “To book your room online”.
        Booking Terms = Academic terms you will be assigned.
        Under Searching Criteria you may search by Building, Floor, Room Type, and Gender.  If your searching criteria prompts a Gender value of “U” this means the room (if Daniels) or suite (if CRC, Stratford Heights, or Turner/Schneider) is completely vacant.  Once the bed is booked the Gender will convert to F or M.
    NOTE: if you input "F" or "M" as the gender value you will not see all options available to you. Select "U" to review and compare all available choices.

    Once you have selected Searching Criteria click Continue.
    Click “Room #” (first column) that you wish to select.
    Click “GO” to review the room and bed space you have selected.

    Click Continue. 
    Select Meal Plan (even if upperclass/no meal plan).
    Click Continue.
    Confirm Meal Plan.
    Click Continue.
    Print Confirmation.

    Keep Same Room

    Welcome to Room Retention Processing.  You have selected your room and meal plan; now it is time to finalize your selections.

    Click Continue to Lock your bed space.
    Click Retain Your Room to confirm your decision.
    Click Continue to select Meal Plan (even if upperclass/no meal plan).
    Nominate the meal plan you wish to select.
    Click Continue.
    Review Plan Booking Information.  If you desire to make a change, click Back to Previous screen.
    Click Confirm to finalize your decision.

    Print a copy of your receipt.
    Log Out

    If you have questions, please contact the Housing office at 556-6461.