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Computer Information for Residents

Computer technology is designed to support your collegiate experience at UC.  
You may bring your own computer from home, use one of the public computer labs on campus, or use computers in the classrooms. Use of the facilities associated with the University of Cincinnati are governed by Federal, State, and campus regulations. Be sure to read the General Policy on the Use of Information Technology at the University of Cincinnati. 

Public computer labs are available at several locations and times. 
Residence halls are all connected to the university network through a program called ResNet, which is a shortened version of Residence Network. To use the network from your residence hall room, you must have a valid operating system (Windows 98 or older is not supported), a network card (10/100 mb ethernet), and your system must be configured for the network, including having Clean Access run through your computer. Assistance is available from the UCit Help Desk by calling 556-HELP. 
One of the major advantages to living on the campus is the availability of the network to the student. The connectivity cost is paid by the Office of Housing & Food Services. You may study, research, and e-mail at your convenience and in the comfort of your own room. No need to cross the campus at night or during inclimate weather, no hassle carrying all of your work materials to a lab, and no time limits for your access. 

Resources for UC students completes the technology package.
Your UC Student Planner has IT Information--lots of it! Keep it handy as a quick resource. 

UConnect is the official student e-mail service at the university. It is a Microsoft exchange service which means you can access it anywhere you have internet access. And UConnect is more than just e-mail; you can manage and share your calendar, contacts, files, etc. – all within one product. 

Blackboard is an online class-support system accessed through the UC website. You will use this to communicate with your professors and classmates and downloaed assignments and lectures posted by your instructors. You can customize your Blackboard page and keep track of all your classes anywhere, anytime.
Be sure to review your choices of computers and software here before you purchase: 

UC Bookstore Computer Shop