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Assignment FAQ

Why didn’t I get assigned to my preferred hall?

This can happen for several reasons. Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis based on your completed application date. The later you apply, the less likely you are to get your top choice in halls. Returning residents that applied but did not complete self-assignment during the priroity period were placed into available space. Another common error is selecting only one hall with the thought that selecting only one hall means you would only be assigned to that hall. If more people requested a hall than there are spaces for people to occupy, you are assigned to whatever hall is available based on gender.


What if I didn’t get my preferred roommate?

Your roommate may not have completed their application or they never applied. Those with incomplete applications were contacted by e-mail several times and they were encouraged to complete it before we made assignments. Some of you may be in special programs such as Athletics or Honors-PLUS. Housing assignments are made based on your program. You must live with the roommates that your program assigns you. We encourage you to contact your assigned roommate. You may discover that they are the friend you have always wanted!

What if I am a scholarship athlete or Honors/Honors-PLUS and I wasn’t assigned to the correct building?

Sometimes the information we have to make assignments for these programs is incomplete. You can e-mail us at UChousing@uc.edu to let us know if you are in one of these programs and were not assigned properly.

I don’t like the hall to which I was assigned. What can I do?

Please keep in mind that we have made all assignments based on the information and space available to us. Keep an open mind; you may be pleasantly surprised by your experience in your assigned hall. Should actual concerns exist after the first few weeks of classes, the hall staff will be available to assist you. Opportunities for room swap/
change, if appropriate, will be made available as space permits.

My roommate smokes and I have allergies?

Sometimes parents fill out the applications for their son/daughter and they are not aware that their student smokes. Please contact our office and let us know.

All inquiries about assignments should be sent via e-mail to UChousing@uc.edu. This documents your request and allows us to better focus on resolving your inquiry. We ask that you allow 1-2 weeks for our response as we work on whatever situations you might present to us. Despite our best efforts to respond quickly to your inquiry, we get numerous inquires this time of year regarding assignments and we want to pay the proper attention to each one. Please include your UC ID M# in each E-mail.

Due to cancellations, roommate assignments may change. You will receive periodic e-mails regarding these changes at the first of each month. These e-mails will be sent to your university-issued e-mail account. 

Cancellation policy: Cancellations from returning Residents are accepted, but only in the event the cancellation is made in writing by the Resident (or emailed to UChousing@uc.edu), and sent directly to HFS in accordance with the schedule outlined below. All cancellations are subject to the terms of this agreement. Cancellations are to be submitted online via the Housing Cancellation Form or mailed to the Office of Housing & Food Services, ATTN: Cancellations, PO Box 210045, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0045. Cancellations sent to any other university office do not cancel the Housing Agreement. HFS strictly enforces the cancellation dates. When the cancel date is in question, the date of online submission or date of the postmark is used as the official date. HFS refunds the room reservation fee according to the schedule listed below:


Housing Agreements cancelled within fifteen (15) calendar days of submittal and prior to taking occupancy.

$100 refund of Room Reservation Fee

Housing Agreements cancelled more than fifteen (15) calendar days of submittal and prior to taking occupancy.

No Refund of Room Reservation Fee and $200 Penalty