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Off-Campus Graduate and Family Housing

Off Campus Housing List/Maps


The list and maps contain information about apartment buildings in three neighborhoods immediately adjacent to the Uptown campus – Clifton Gaslight, Clifton/Fairview/University Heights, and Corryville. The information was gathered in order to provide information for use by newly-admitted graduate students.

The information on the attached listing is therefore quantitative and not qualitative, and focuses on apartment buildings that contain 20 units or more. The list may contain some buildings with fewer than 20 units because, at the time of the survey, these buildings were owned and/or managed by the same owners of some of the 20+ unit buildings.

The information in these lists is not a complete inventory of all apartment buildings in these neighborhoods, and – because information can change quickly without prior notice to the University – may not be entirely accurate at the time of use. The information is not a recommendation or an endorsement of any apartment building, does not reflect the condition of any building, and does not describe methods or history of building management or operations. These lists are provided as a courtesy and as one source of information for those seeking housing. The user is strongly encouraged, when considering their apartment choices, to confirm all information with the apartment building manager and to also consider other sources of information about the apartments.

For graduate students seeking off-campus housing, please direct questions to:
Phone: 513-556-0682