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Private Listings

The following Private Listings offer rental information to graduate students and families seeking a more private accommodation such as a home, two family, duplex, a vacancy in a 4-unit building, or perhaps a bedroom in a shared house. This listing is considered a convenience to the university community, and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of a particular property or lease conditions.

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Neighborhood Address Bedrooms Rent


(Bellevue, KY)

54 Harrison Ave. Bellevue, KY 41073



2 $800

2355 Flora St.


2-3 $1200

522 Riddle Rd.

(Room for rent in a shared condo)

2 $400

358 Terrace Ave.

(Individual rooms for rent in a shared house)

0 $300
Clifton Heights/Fairview

2328 Muriel Ct.

(Individual room for rent in a house)

0 $600

207 Stetson St.



2 $1950