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List of Building Codes for all Residence Halls

These codes, assigned by the university, are used in the online application process and in the Housing computer system. Please refer to this chart when you are selecting the building you wish to live in. You will need to indicate the code on your application. Note: once you start your application, you can't get out and reference this.

The Stratford Heights Complex has 19 themed houses and Tower Hall. Each building has a specific code, from 01 - 21. Please select the correct building code for the location you prefer at Stratford Heights. BOLD indicates restricted houses. These restricted houses are only available to students pre-admitted into a sponsored academic program or Greek community. All other houses are available to students on a first-come first-served basis.

If you want to learn more about location of any of these buildings, visit these maps.


10 Calhoun Hall
21 Dabney Hall
24 Daniels Hall
83 Morgens Halll
Turner Hall
91 Schneider Hall
Siddall Hall
SH ## Stratford Heights


01 Honors House
02 Honors House
03 Kappa Delta Sorority
04 General Housing
05 General Housing
06 Gamma Phi Beta Sorority
07 Gen-1 House
08 Gen-1 House
09     Gen-1 House
10 General Housing
11 General Housing
12-1 Tower Hall: General Housing
12-2 Tower Hall: General Housing
12-3 Tower Hall: General Housing
General Housing
14 General Housing
15 General Housing
17 TAP (Transition & Access Program)
18 Pi Beta Phi Sorority
19 General Housing
20 Phi Mu
21 General Housing

BOLD indicates restricted houses.