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Honors Housing

Priority Housing for Honors Students

Sefl-assignment for the 2014-15 academic year will take place beginning Thursday, May 22 @ 3pm through Tuesday, May 27 @ 8am.

University Honors Program (UHP) students are not required to live in honors housing. Rather, it is a special-interest housing option that many of our students choose. Honors housing is available for UHP students in Morgens Hall, University Park Apartments, Turner Hall, Daniels Hall and Stratford Heights (Buildings I and II).These halls provide a variety of accommodation and cost options to our students.

Eligible honors students that have completed a housing application and paid the room reservation fee will have the opportunity to pick their room assignment prior to the general assignment process.

See the Selection and Preference Resources section to the right to learn more about designated Honors spaces as well as other special-interest housing options.

All rooms are fully-furnished for each person. Rooms include air conditioning, heat, high-speed Internet access, one micro-fridge unit and cable TV service. A premium channel upgrade is available.

Loft beds are also available, per request. Note: beds are 80" long and use extra-long twin sheets.

All halls feature a laundry room, study lounge, snack vending machines, full fire protection system and 24-hour security. All halls are non-smoking environments. No alcohol is permitted.

Calhoun Hall.

Calhoun Hall

A co-ed, 12-story residence hall that houses 680 students in quads, triple, double and single rooms.  Calhoun Hall features elevators, kitchenettes (no supplies), restrooms and a study floor.

Dabney Hall

Dabney Hall

A co-ed 5-story hall accommodating up to 300 students, the building has a freight elevator, kitchenette (no supplies) and flat screen TV in the lobby. Restrooms are located on each floor.

Daniels Hall

Daniels Hall

A co-ed 12-story hall for 700 students. Study lounges, gender restrooms, and kitchenettes (no supplies) are on each floor. In addition, the hall has four elevators, two classrooms, a lobby lounge with a flat screen TV, and two laundry rooms.

Morgens Hall

The newly renovated Morgens Hall is now re-open for residency!  Morgens Hall will offer fresh, new apartment style living for UC students with the added convenience of being on campus.  Morgens will house a total of 456 students.

Schneider Hall.

Schneider Hall

Schneider Hall, part of the Jefferson Complex, houses 168 residents in suite-style accommodations. The hall is co-ed by suite, and suites are arranged with four people each having an individual bedroom. Each suite includes bathroom facilities. The hall has an elevator and a laundry facility serving the Jefferson Complex. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible accommodations are also available.

Siddall Hall.

Siddall Hall

A co-ed, 11-story hall that houses 450 students in double and single rooms. Each floor has a kitchenette (no supplies), bathroom and a study lounge. Siddall has elevators, laundry facility and features two large lobby lounges.

Stratford Heights.

Stratford Heights

Stratford Heights houses 693 residents in suite-style housing set on 10.5 acres across the street from McMicken Hall on Clifton Avenue. The property comprises 19 houses, which hold approximately 30 students each, as well as the 152-bed Tower Hall. The diverse student community offers living facilities for fraternities and sororities, religious organizations, academic departments and educational focus groups, as well as non-group affiliated houses.

Each house and the Tower are co-ed, with each suite being gender-specific. Each bedroom is fully furnished and has cable TV and high-speed internet access. Each suite has a private bathroom and a personal refrigerator. Houses have a common space that includes a community warming kitchen and a large screen television.

The Stratford Heights Community Center offers a fitness center, convenience store and banquet facilities. On-site parking is available, both surface lot and deck parking, for an additional fee. Freshmen are required to carry a meal plan.

Turner Hall

Turner Hall

This co-ed hall serves 419 with suite-style accommodations, which are co-ed by suite. The majority of suites are arranged with four people sharing two double bedrooms. Each suite contains bathroom facilities and a common lounge. The hall has elevators, a large lounge with a television, and laundry facility serving the Jefferson Complex. There is also a lobby-level classroom and various study lounges located throughout the facility. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible accommodations are also available.

Special Interest Floors

How about living with students in your college or sharing common interests? Special floors allow you to live with students who share the same or similar academic programs. Each year we offer about a dozen different floors focused on various areas. While no one is required to choose a special interest option, potential benefits include having common classes with roommates or neighbors and ease in forming study groups. 

Off-Campus University Affiliated Housing

NOTE: Affiliated housing at University Park Apartments provides another housing option for those students who are not required to live on campus.  This housing is not managed by the Univeristy of Cincinnati, and it is billed separately from a student's university-billed account. First-year students who live within a 50-mile radius of the Uptown campus and returning students may choose this option. Those living outside the 50-mile radius must live in UC campus housing.

University Park Apartments.

University Park Apartments

University Park Apartments, UC’s affiliated housing location, houses 749 residents in an upscale apartment community. Each fully-furnished apartment includes a full modern kitchen, carpet and air conditioning. Rates include all utilities, wireless internet, cable (HBO), free laundry and phone. The facility is located above 11 retail stores, restaurants and Calhoun Garage, and is conveniently located adjacent to the UC campus.

*First year students assigned to University Park Apartments & Campus Park Apartments through the University Housing process are required to have a residential meal plan.