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Cable Channel Guide

Exciting news! College Cable Services has added University Sports as Channel 102.1 to UC's cable channel lineup.  In order to receive this channel, you must perform a rescan of channels on your TV.  For questions, please contact College Cable at 800-472-2054.

The campus residence halls are serviced by College Cable Services, Inc.  Below is information provided by them about our cable service as well as the channel line-up. 

College Cable Services is the cable TV provider for the University of Cincinnati. We are excited to offer UC’s campus with 92 channels, including 57 high definition channels.

Included in the lineup are a variety of entertainment channels, sports channels, local channels, and other options designed to appeal to a diverse spectrum of interest. You can see the complete lineup on Ch. 2.1 Teleguide and important information on Ch. 3.1 Community Channel.

College Cable is pleased to announce the conversion of the channel distribution system from analog, to a fully digital distribution network at the University of Cincinnati.  The conversion provides a clearer signal, with minimal loss of clarity as it travels across campus.   TVs manufactured within the past 5 years have a digital tuner (QAM). Nationwide all on air channels were converted to digital in 2009. If your TV does not have a digital tuner, you will need a converter box.

Remember that not all channels are available in high definition; channels in standard definition will appear less sharp compared to the high definition channels. There is nothing wrong with the signal or your TV, but you will notice a difference between the high definition and standard definition channels.

In order to receive the cable channels you will need to program the channels on your HD television.  Instructions for programming channels can be found in the owner’s manual for your television. Below are a few simple steps to get you started:

  1. Connect cable cord to outlet in wall and into back of television
  2. In the menu of television, go to setup, switch from Air to CATV
  3. Scan for channels: Digital
  4. a diagram for connecting cable wire to TV and outlet http://collegecable.com/PDF/collegecable_quickguide_programming.pdf


Q: What do I do if I have an analog TV?

A: Call our office at 800-472-2054, you will need to purchase a converter box. Converter boxes are available at cost of  $129.00.

Q: What do I do if I have fuzzy reception or any other cable TV issues?

A: Call our office at 800-472-2054, or you can email us at service@collegecable.com

Q: I don’t receive any channels higher then Ch. 13.

A: Your TV is not set to cable. Go into the TV menu and switch it from air to cable.

Q: My HD television does not get all of the channels.

A: Your HD television may not have a QAM tuner in it. Call our office at 800-472-2054, you will need to purchase a converter box. Converter boxes are available at cost of $129.00.


Channel #

Network Name

Channel #

Network Name

2.1 Teleguide 48.1 VH-1
3.1 Information Channel 49.1 Comedy Central
4.1 WLWT 5 (NBC) 50.1 SYFY
5.1 WLWT 5 (NBC) 51.1 UCAST-TV 51
5.12 WLWT 5 Weather 53.1 History Channel
6.1 The UC Channel 57.1 MTVU
7.1 WKRC 12 (CBS) 58.1 AMC
8.1 WCPO 9 (ABC) 59.1 FOX News
9.1 WCPO 9 (ABC) 60.1 MTV2
9.2 WCPO 9 Weather 61.1 TRU TV
11.1 WXIX 19 (FOX) 62.1 CMT
12.1 WKRC 12 (CBS) 63.1 National Geographic Wild
12.2 WKRC 25 (CW) 64.1 ESPNU
13.1 WCET 48 (PBS) 65.1 TNT
14 HBO 66.1 Discovery
15 HBO Plus 67.1 Food Network
16 HBO Signature 68.1 UPARK Info
17 HBO Family 69.1 CBS College Sports
18.1 NBC Sports 70.1 NFL Network
19.11 WXIX 19 (FOX) 71.1 FX
21.1 Media Services (UC) 72.1 MSNBC
22.1 CNN 73.1 National Geographic
23.1 Headline News 74.1 WE
24.1 The Weather Channel 76.1 WKRC 25 (CW)
25.1 ESPNews 77.1 ESPN
26.1 Nickelodeon 78.1 ESPN 2
27.1 Lifetime 82.1 Chiller Channel
28.1 ESPN Classics 83.1 Fox Sports Cincinnati
29.1 A&E 84.1 Big Ten Network
30.1 Animal Planet 85.1 Pursuit
31.1 BET 86.1 Bravo
32.1 SPIKE TV 87.1 Travel Channel
33.1 MTV 88.1 Oxygen
34.1 TBS 89.1 Fuse
35.1 WSTR 64 90.1 HGTV
36.1 WGN 91.1 Cooking Channel
37.1 ABC Family 92.1 Logo
38.1 USA 93.1 TVLand
39.1 Cartoon Network 94.1 NBA TV
40.1 Library Channel 1 95.1 CLOO
41.1 Raymond Walters Campus Channel 96.1 REELZ
42.1 CNBC 97.1 Bloomberg
43.1 E! 98.1 FX Movie Channel
44.1 Library Channel 2 99.1 MLB Network
45.1 C.I.T.S. 100.1 Fox Sports 2
46.1 TLC 101.1 Game Show Network
47.1 C-SPAN 102.1 Universal Sports

Channel line-ups are subject to change

HBO is a premium channel and is available to residents at an additional cost.

Colleg Cable Services, Inc.



How to connect your Television

Residents that need to request a repair for or get assistance with Cable Services, need to contact College Cable Services directly at 800-472-2054.