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Early Summer Break Housing

Break Housing Information

What:  On-campus housing for residents, or returning students, who need to stay on campus - until Summer Semester Housing begins. We offer a flexible program based on need: partial stay or full stay on campus, in between semesters.

Eligibility: Current residents who have Spring and/or Summer Semester housing contracts and are registered for classes, or attending Co-op in either Semester. Academic contract holders must apply for break housing. 12-month contract residents do not need to apply for break housing.

Available Dates: Saturday, April 26 starting at 12 pm until Sunday, May 11 at 10am (these are the dates and times to organize your move.)

Deadline: Priority deadline to apply AND receive a reduced rate is Friday, April 25.

Available Halls: Schneider, Turner and Morgens Halls.

Residents who reside in other halls will likely have to relocate to one of the avaiable halls. Space is limited, and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Fees: Break housing will be added to the students' 2014 summer semester student bill.  

Application Deadline


Partial Break Housing

By April 25 at 12:00pm



After April 25 at 12:00pm



To Apply: By April 25 at 12pm, bring the completed summer break housing form to the Office of Housing and Food Services, located in Scioto Hall, 2nd floor.

Notification: Break assignments will be communicated via email to your UC email account from Housing and Food Services between April 24 and 26. 

Dining Services: All dining centers will be closed from Friday, April 25 at 2pm until Monday, May 12.