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Housing Cancellation Information

Refer to the Terms & Conditions for current cancellation information.

2015-16 Academic Year

Prior To Occupancy

Cancellations from returning Residents are accepted, but only in the event the cancellation is made in writing by the Resident (or emailed at UChousing@uc.edu), and sent directly to HFS in accordance with the schedule outlined below. All cancellations are subject to the terms of this agreement. Cancellations are to be submitted on-line via the Housing Cancellation Form or mailed to the Office of Housing and Food Services, ATTN: Cancellations, PO Box 210045, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0045. Cancellations sent to any other University office does not cancel the Housing Agreement.  HFS strictly enforces the cancellation dates.  When the cancel date is in question, the date of on-line submission or date of the postmark is used as the official date. HFS refunds the room reservation fee according to the schedule listed in section I, subsection A, of the housing agreement.

• Housing Agreements cancelled within fifteen (15) calendar days of submittal and prior to taking occupancy.

 $100 refund of Room Reservation Fee

• Housing Agreements cancelled more than fifteen (15) calendar days of submittal and prior to taking occupancy.

No Refund of Room Reservation Fee and $200 Penalty

A change in semester arrival does not negate the Housing Agreement, nor change the cancellation dates. The student must abide by the cancellation schedule that is in effect when the Housing Agreement is initially returned to HFS.

After Occupancy

HFS is aware that unforeseen circumstances may prevent a Resident from fulfilling the Housing Agreement, and agrees to work individually with these Residents.  In these circumstances, the Resident is responsible for contacting HFS and should be prepared to discuss and document, in specific terms, their inability to fulfill the Housing Agreement.  Petitions to be released from the Housing Agreement must be received in HFS by the dates specified to be considered for the following term: Fall Semester (July 20,2015); and Spring Semester (November 30,2015). Any early release from the Housing Agreement results in a forfeiture of the $100.00 Deposit.

Contract Buyout

Residents who are not required by University policy to live in a residence hall may terminate their contracts for subsequent term without cause upon payment of a termination fee equal to 50% of their room rate multiplied by the number of terms remaining on their housing agreement and forfeiture of their $100.00 housing deposit.

For example:

You have a room in Turner Hall for the fall semester and wish to buy out for spring semster.  Your buyout costs would equal:

$3,677(room rate) X 1 (semester remaining) X 50% =  $1,838.50 + forfeiture of $100.00 deposit.

You must submit your request/petition to HFS in writing/email to buy out your contract.

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