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Housing Information for Co-op Students

As a resident, you are not required to stay on campus during your co-op assignment. Housing & Food Services supports the co-op experience by allowing you to live away for the semester without penalty to your housing contract. You do have to return to on-campus housing after your co-op experience to avoid additional contract fees.

Upperclass students going on co-op have the ability to buy out the remainder of their Housing contract. (50% of room price for the remaining semester.)

How it works if you co-op outside Cincinnati.

You provide a letter from your professional practice advisor confirming your co-op assignment with dates. A letter from your sponsored employer on their letterhead works as well.

At the end of the semester, complete a proper check-out from your room- scheduled in advance with your RA. On the form indicate the reason for leaving midway into your housing contract (ex. co-op assignment for 2013 spring semester) and date when you except to return to campus. Note any roommate and room requests.

Provide a forwarding address so you continue to receive your mail. Be aware that third class mail and magazines might not be forwarded.

How it works if you co-op in the Cincinnati area.

If you choose to live off-campus during your co-op experience, the above information applies to you.

You have the option of staying in your residence hall space. If you choose to remain in the residence hall you do not need to complete the check-out process. You will need to provide a letter from your professional practice advisor confirming your co-op assignment with dates or a letter from your sponsored employer on their letterhead.

Communicating with Housing & Food Services while away on co-op

You can email us at UCHousing@uc.edu or you can call during business hours. Make sure you alert us to your co-op status in the message or subject line, and include your UC ID number.

Good Luck, and we look forward to seeing you when you return.

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HFS cannot guarantee your return to your same room or hall after co-op. Every effort is made to assign your room in the same hall, if that is your preference. 

For more detail, review your Terms & Conditions of the Housing contract.