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Bed Lofting and Bunking Information

Due to safety considerations, the university policy does not permit residents to construct their own bed lofts or bunks for use in the residence hall rooms. All beds are set to the Junior Loft Height for initial check in unless the resident requests otherwise.

Space configurations in some rooms on campus require beds to be bunked, high lofted, or junior lofted.

All beds at Stratford Heights are fixed at the junior loft height due to suite configurations.

All triple rooms are set up as two bunked beds and one junior loft

Where is lofting and bunking available?

Lofting and bunking is available in the following halls:

Calhoun Schneider
Dabney Siddall
Daniels Turner
What options are available?

The university is able to offer many bed loft options, free of charge. With the link below, you can fill out an online form to have your bed in the following configurations:

  • Requests to lower a High loft, Junior loft and Bunked Beds are always accepted from residents via email to the Housing Office.
  • Fall 2014: Requests for lofting are now being accepted! The priority deadline for a lofting request is Friday, July 25, 2014.
Standard Loft
  • Standard height (bottom of the frame is 12” from the floor)
Junior Loft
  • Junior loft height (bottom of the frame is 36” from the floor)
High Loft
  • High loft height (bottom of the frame is 64” from the floor)
Bunk Beds
  • Bunked beds (two beds stacked)

Student model is 5' 7" tall

Should you decide to have your beds bunked, both you and your roommate will need to return the form indicating that the beds are to be bunked. We are unable to bunk beds if only one roommate returns the form.

WARNING: Attempting to loft your bed without the proper equipment and parts may place you at risk of severe injury.

How do I request a loft?

The Lofting Request Form is located inside the Housing Application Portal. After logging in select "Step 2", then "Lofting Request". You will receive an email confirmation of your request. Note: you will need your username (6+2) and password to log into the portal.

If you do not submit a request by the priority date, Then it is assumed that you want your bed set up at the junior loft height.The supply of the high lofts is limited and requests will be filled on a first come-first serve basis. We are unable to guarantee your request for high lofts; however, we will give it our best attempt to fulfill all requests.

If you have any additional questions regarding the beds and lofting or if you are unable to submit your form online, please contact Housing & Food Services.