Information Security

Bo Vykhovanyuk

Bo Vykhovanyuk

Assistant Vice President


Who We Are & What We Do

The IT@UC Office of Information Security partners with the university community to foster a culture that supports the confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability of the university’s academic and research objectives through the application of unified information security architecture, with the necessary policies and procedures to ensure its viability.

Donna Williams

Donna Williams

Executive Staff Assistant

Innovations & Partnerships

Information Security


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Matt Williams

Matthew Williams

Assistant Director


Governance & Compliance

Services provided: Draft and establish university information security policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines in accordance with best practices as well as existing laws and regulations.

Education & Awareness

Services provided: Build and maintain an information security awareness and training program for the university community and partners. Promotes information security through collaboration with students, university academic units and strategic partners.

Risk Management & Consulting

Services provided: Develop and implement ongoing risk assessments and establish a continuous risk management program. Conducts security reviews of new enterprise level systems or changes to existing systems prior to implementation.

Operational Management

Services provided: Administration and management of InCommon Server and Personal Certificates, Vulnerability Scanning, Monitor SIEM and DLP, ePolicy, Change Management, Document Shredding Events, Multi-Factor Authentication.    

Disaster Recovery

Services provided: Facilitate and provide leadership to the university wide disaster recovery program for critical academic, administrative, and information technology systems.

Katrina Biscay

Katrina Biscay

Cyber Incident Response Manager


Incident Management & Cyber Forensics

Services provided: Respond to notification from an individual, departmental unit, outside entity, or automated monitoring system of a suspected information security incident that could impact the university’s operations. Confirm and manage the incident as well as coordinate the recovery. Provides support for digital forensic analysis upon the request from the UC Office of General Counsel, Internal Audit and Public Safety.