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UCIT Research & Development proactively connects university researchers to IT resources, helps identify and provide computing resources for grant applications, and partners with UC researchers and educators to support individual and multidisciplinary research projects. 

IT Resources for Researchers

Applications Programming & Software Development

UCIT provides state-of-the-art custom applications programming and software development services for research projects and departments, including web-based, mobile, and client-server application development.  Contact the Applications Development team for more information about the development process and rates or to request services or information about website hosting.

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Collaboration Tools

UCIT offers several collaboration tools that can help research teams coordinate efforts and share documents and resources.  SharePoint offers document management and “check-in” and “check-out” version control, granular permissions for document access, and powerful and configurable search tools.  Web conferencing solutions can allow research teams to meet remotely, accommodating up to 50 concurrent connections.  And OpenSimulator provides a virtual environment for rapid prototyping, modeling, data visualization, virtual meetings and conferences, and much more.

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Data Management, Storage, and Backup

One of the most critical elements of any research project is the secure and reliable storage of your data.  UCIT provides a host of data management, storage, and backup solutions so you can be sure your research data is stored securely and available when and where you need it.  UCIT Research & Development can help researchers determine data storage and capacity needs, design databases and data solutions, and coordinate with the UCIT Storage Administration team to provide world class data storage at economical pricing. 

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Data Visualization & Analysis

Finding new ways to analyze and visualize data is an increasingly important skill in a researcher’s toolbox.  The UCIT Instructional Design & Content team can help create interactive animations, videos, and other displays of data, while the UCIT Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research can assist with creating simulations, 3D models, and other data representations. 

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Grant Support Services

UCIT Research & Development can assist with the grant application process, including developing cyber-infrastructure plans, network diagrams, computing resource cost estimates and technical descriptions, data security and compliance planning, and much more.  For more information about grant support services, contact Jane Combs at combsje@ucmail.uc.edu or (513) 556-0874.

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Hardware & Software

Get the hardware and software resources needed for your research project!  UCIT negotiates competitive prices and site-license agreements with enterprise and industry standard vendors.  See the Software & Hardware page for more information about discounted pricing for university researchers.

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High Performance Computing & Virtual Servers

Depending upon your research computing needs, UCIT can provide high performance computing resources for computational or transaction intensive applications, or virtual servers for less intensive computing needs.  Virtual servers typically have lower total cost of ownership than physical servers and can provide a cost effective option for researchers who need access to server resources but don’t want the responsibility of managing physical hardware.  Visit the Virtual Server Service page for more information about virtual servers, or contact Jane Combs at combsje@ucmail.uc.edu or (513) 556-0874 for more information about High Performance Computing services.

You can also find out more information about the Ohio Supercomputer Center and getting an account on their website, or contact the OSC Help Desk for assistance at oschelp@osc.edu 1-800-686-6472.

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Large File Transfer

It is often necessary to securely share large files and data sets with collaborators both inside and outside the university community.  Fortunately, the University of Cincinnati is a member of the Internet2 Consortium, which offers the ability to share and send large files securely through the FileSender service.  You will need to use your university Central Login Service (CLS) credentials to authenticate, and then you can send large files to any email address.  For more information, view the instructions to use FileSender (PDF) document.  

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Project Management

The UCIT Project Management Office (PMO) provides project support through mentoring and resources, managing strategic, high risk, and high cost projects, including central coordination for portfolio management.  The PMO supports research projects through structured planning and improved processes following the guidelines of the PMI Global Standards methodology.  See the Project Management Office website for more information. 

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Security & Compliance

The UCIT Office of Information Security can assist researchers with security and compliance reviews to ensure that data is gathered, stored, and managed in accordance with industry standard best practices and provide assurance that security controls are adequately designed and operating effectively to meeting existing laws and regulations.  Contact the UCIT Office of Information Security for more information.

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Simulations & Modeling

The Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research (UCSIM) provides support for the application of virtual environments to enhance teaching and learning and to model complex processes and phenomena through the use of computer generated and enhanced environments. Our multidisciplinary approach combines expertise in computer graphics and multimedia applications, 3D modeling and design, and internet enabled social and virtual reality software to create educational and practical applications of virtual worlds, augmented reality, 3D immersive and virtual spaces, simulations, and “serious games”.

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Technical Consulting

No matter how complex your research project, UCIT can provide technical consulting on a wide range of technology related issues, from planning and resource allocation to the custom development of your application or data storage needs.  Contact Jane Combs at combsje@ucmail.uc.edu or (513) 556-0874 to find out how UCIT can assist with your research project.

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Training & Assistance

UCIT provides a variety of training options to researchers, including self-help video courses through Lynda.com, security and compliance training from the Office of Information Security, project and portfolio management from the Project Management Office, and first tier technical support from the UCIT Help Desk

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Video Production & Editing

If your research project requires the services of video production, filming, or editing, the UCIT Presentation Technologies & Services Group (PTSG) can help, whether you need something as simple as capturing an event for future streaming, or as complex as a full feature-film or dramatic recreation of an important event. PTSG staff has experience ranging from cutting edge streaming technology to on-location film production, live events, and scripted, planned shoots.

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For more information, contact Jane Combs at (513) 556-0874 or email combsje@ucmail.uc.edu.

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About UCIT R&D

The University of Cincinnati ranks among the nation’s top 25 public research universities and many federal grants require computing resources.  That’s where UCIT Research & Development can help.

We partner with researchers and innovators across campus to seek funding opportunities as we develop the university’s cyberinfrastructure and state-of-the-art research IT services.

For more information, contact Jane Combs at (513) 556-0874 or combsje@ucmail.uc.edu.

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