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Bundled Services Model

For the majority of faculty, staff and students, technology has become as essential a tool as a desk or chair. In years of recent budget cuts, concern grew that needed services were being dropped by departments to cut costs. If this trend continued, it would adversely affect our ability as a university to grow and keep up with our peer universities.

To reverse this trend, UCIT has implemented a “bundled” services model. Basically, this means that rather than charge individually for every data jack, phone line, etc., that we offer a bundle (or package) of our most popular services to every user at a determined basic rate.

There are several advantages of the bundled services model.

  1. Simpler to administrate. Unlike usage-based charges, it does not require dedicated administrative staff to manage monthly billings.
  2. Levels the playing field. All departments will have consistent access to technology services regardless of budget size.
  3. Provides flexibility. Technology moves quickly and this model allows UCIT to evolve our services over time to meet the ever changing needs of the university.
Services included Services NOT included

Campus Wired-­Network Infrastructure

Internet and Bandwidth Management


Domain Name Services

Network Operation Center (NOC) Services

Fiber and copper cable management

Network security

Capital equipment refresh expenses

802.11 pervasive wireless data and voice coverage Aruba 802.11n gear for 100% wireless campus coverage

Dial Tone Access to the Public Telephone Switched Network

Single telephone landline or VoIP line (depending on building)

Single telephone handset

Voice mail

Phonetic operator


Public Safety help phones, area rescue phones, and elevator phones

Help Desk (includes telephone operators)

Central e-mail services

100% Information Security

Microsoft Licensing costs not currently funded via ITIE

Gartner Research & Advisory Services

ZIX e-mail encryption service

Services for Clermont and UC Blue Ash Colleges

Services to shared tenant customers

Work order installations and move/adds/changes of service will be charged as incurred, though at a discounted rate for those eligible for participation in the bundled rate model

Long distance

University cell phones

Cell phone stipends

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)


Special circuits - including but not limited to: Cincinnati Bell Full Business line, ISDN, Time Warner Road Runner, Cincinnati Bell Zoomtown, Cincinnati Bell ISDN, T1, LAN Advantage, Metro-E, other point to point circuits such as fire alarms, door alarms, ATM's, etc. (can be on campus to on campus, on campus to off campus, or off campus to off campus)

Voice trees

Upgrades of building cabling
















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