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Kaltura is UC's enterprise media streaming and video repository tool. It is available within Blackboard and as a stand-alone software option.

Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder makes creating videos for your courses easy! Faculty and students can download stand-alone software to their Mac or PC to create:

  • Screen recordings
  • Web-camera recordings
  • And multi-camera multimedia presentations.

CaptureSpace allows you to enhance your videos with drawing/annotation tools and simple editing of your videos.


  • Flipped classrooms
  • Online
  • Intro to classroom
  • Blackboard site
  • Topic clarification
  • Video assignments
  • Peer Review
  • Speaking Assignments


Faculty can use Media Space to:

Explain part of lecture/review a topic, provide quick videos for instructions

Description: As a result of student feedback, an assignment or assessment, office hours’ questions, etc., an instructor may realize that a particular concept needs additional explanation. Creating a quick video and adding it to Blackboard can help clarify student issues and concerns and keep the course on track

Provide course overview

Description: Providing a video which is an overview of the course can help students focus on the important aspects of your course. This is particularly important for an online course. These videos can be made available in Blackboard.

Create full lectures outside of classroom

Description: When reviewing student assignments and assessments, you can provide a video of your feedback. For electronically submitted assignments/assessments, you can display the student’s submission and mark up the submission as you speak and provide feedback. Kaltura has a drawing tools option which allows you to draw on the screen during recording (another option you may want to consider is Echo360’s Whiteboard feature). These feedback videos can be emailed to the student.    

Lecture capture out of classroom

Description: Because Kaltura videos can be of any length, you can tape complete lectures in your office or other location (such as a museum). The completed video can then be made available in Blackboard.

NOTE: Captioning, transcription, and interpretation services are available through the AESS Communication Access Team.

NOTE: Students and faculty can borrow equipment from Libraries:

Students can use Media Space to:

Create video for assignments where you capture a computer screen, camera, or both

Description: an instructor may provide an assignment which requires that you create a video. This may include speeches, demonstrations, plays, etc. that require that you record using a webcam. Other assignments may involve capturing your screen either with your image or without, such as computer demonstrations, presentations which include PowerPoint, etc. These videos can be ‘turned in’ via email or posted on Blackboard. Your instructor will provide directions on how to turn in a video project. Be sure to check the assignment requirements to ensure you turn it in correctly.

Edit or remix videos including instructor video, create playlist of your videos or videos

Description: If your instructor has provided a series of videos, you can copy then edityour copy of the videos to make a remix. This might be particularly useful for collectingkey points in videos.

NOTE: Students and faculty can borrow equipment from Libraries: