Electronic Files

Creating Accessible Electronic Files

If you create electronic materials (text, images, video, etc.) for online publications or systems, certain elements should be included to make the materials accessible to individuals with disabilities, including (but not limited to) people with hearing, mobility, cognitive or visual impairments.

By keeping accessibility in mind when creating electronic files from the beginning, you will be successful in making accessible electronic content. 

Use the list below to check for eAccessibility in your electronic files. For more information, please visit our Best Practices page.

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Sarah Schroeder: Assistant Professor
UC School of Education

"Without the UDL principles and guidelines, I would never have considered the range of barriers my students face and the wide variety of ways I can structure learning experiences to overcome those barriers.  It has made my technology integration more purposeful and my instructional and assessment choices more strategic and meaningful."

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Electronic File Accessibility Checklist