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The chart below will give you a reference point in planning your video budgets.  These hourly rates are calculated from approved recharge rates and reflect equipment and staff needs for each.  However, each shoot is unique, and hourly rates can be affected by special requirements.  

Please contact us at (513) 558-4336 to begin planning your project.

Production Type
Hourly Rate             
Single camera shoot (camera + staff + student worker)   $70.28
Stream only, no camera (client supplied videography)   $62.86
Single cam w/ grip and lighting (interviews & dramatizations)   $178.19
Full multi-camera live streaming rig   $210.58
Remote two-camera live event - capture only (no live stream)   $131.48
Mediasite capture (video and powerpoint simultaneously)   $80.18
Audio recording session   $141.58
AVID or Final Cut Pro video editing   $60.04
Graphics / Animation production   $52.66