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Microsoft Lync 2010 Installation: Mac OS X 10.5.8/Leopard, 10.6/Snow Leopard, or 10.7/Lion

  • Download the client installer image and save it to your computer.
  • Open the client installer image (Lyncsetup.iso); after a few seconds, the Office:Mac setup window will appear.  Double-click the Lync Installer icon to get started.
  • Follow the installer prompts, accepting all default settings and the Terms of Use.
  • Start the Lync client by clicking on the blue “L” icon in the Dock
  • If you are prompted to update your Office 2011 software, make sure to do so as soon as you are notified that updates are available.
  • At the Lync login screen, enter your UCMAIL address (username@ucmail.uc.edu), your username (in AD\username format), and your Central Login Service password
  • Click Sign In to start using Lync.

(NOTE:  You will need to be connected to the campus network or the VPN to download this software.)

  • University of Cincinnati Information Technologies
  • 400 University Hall
  • P.O. Box 210658
  • Cincinnati, OH 45221