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In March of 2010, our e-mail team acquired a pair of Iron Port C360 (PDF) appliances to provide security for UCMail.

The benefits are:

  • better spam identification.
  • quicker detection of virus outbreaks.
  • quarantine of spam on the appliance servers rather than taking up space in your inbox.
  • individual users can set up their own white (safe) lists and black (block) lists through a simple interface.
  • bounce verification to determine if an e-mail was actually sent from our servers before delivering a non-deliverable report (NDR) to your account.

In short, the IronPort service is seamless – it constantly monitors for spam so you don’t have to. And, it sends you a weekly report (Monday at midnight) to let you know what it stopped.

Or, if you’d like to check your quarantine more often, you can log in anytime by visiting https://spamq.uc.edu/. Note that quarantined messages will remain on the server for 30 days before the system automatically deletes them (unless you decide to release them to your inbox).

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