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UConnect - Students

UConnect is the official student e-mail service at the university. It is a Microsoft exchange service, which means you can access it anywhere you have Internet access. And UConnect is more than just e-mail; you can manage and share your calendar, contacts, files, etc. – all within one product.

Student government chose UConnect as their e-mail service not only for the list of services it provides (see list below), but also because 80 percent of companies currently use Microsoft exchange. So, chances are when you graduate from UC, you’ll already know how to use the advanced functions of Exchange required of your first professional job.

Benefits of UConnect

E-mail - 50 gigabytes of e-mail storage per mailbox, 25 megabytes attachment size allowance, extensive mailbox search capabilities and document viewing capabilities (even though you may not have the application loaded on your workstation), premier anti-virus and anti-spam protection on your e-mail, the ability to check other mailboxes such as Yahoo and Gmail via a single mailbox interface, accessibility of your e-mail through all clients and protocols (POP, IMAP, MAPI, and clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or Outlook), automatic encryption with SSL security (HTTPS)

Contacts/Address book - View of all faculty, staff, and student contacts in global address books

Calendar - Shared calendar capabilities with other students and eventually with faculty and staff

File Storage and Shared Workspaces - A 25 gigabyte SkyDrive (a file storage and sharing service that can be accessed anywhere with internet).

Sync - Mail, Calendar, and contact synchronization via Active Sync for Windows Mobile and iPhone devices

As soon as you're admitted to the university, an e-mail address is created for you. And that address is yours to use even after you graduate.

How do I request a new UConnect account? 

Your UConnect account is created when you are officially admitted into the university. So, if you are a current student, go to http://mail.uc.edu and follow the instructions for a first time login. You should receive a welcome message and further instructions. If this doesn’t happen or you still have questions, please call our Help Desk at 513-556-4357 (HELP).

Current UC employees who register as students need to call the Help Desk (556-4357) and request that a UConnect account be created manually. Recent alumni (those who still have a Central Login service user ID and password) can request that a UConnect account be created by calling the Help Desk.

How do I change my password? 

Password Self Service (PSS) will synchronize your passwords on various systems (such as Blackboard, Exchange Labs, and OneStop), so you can use a single password for accessing almost all UC-related services. Visit here to reset your password.

How do I get my UConnect student e-mail on my smartphone/device? 

Documentation to configure your student e-mail to an ActiveSync device can be found on Microsoft's website.

If you require any assistance with configuring your mobile device, please call our Help Desk at 513-556-4357.

Does UConnect support Mac access? 

Yes. Please see http://help.outlook.com/en-us/140/cc875974.aspx for the Mac help page.

How do I set up my mail client (Outlook, Entourage, etc.) for UConnect access if I do not want to use the Web interface? 

Please see http://help.outlook.com/en-US/140/cc875966.aspx. (Note that using POP or IMAP requires users to connect directly to Exchange Labs, bypassing the single sign-on for authentication.)

Our POP3 service requires that you use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with the POP and SMTP connection and use SMTP authentication. This ensures that your e-mail address and password are not subject to tampering.

For Outlook, if you are using an Exchange (MAPI) account to connect to Outlook Live, go to Tools -> Account Settings and select the "E-mail" tab. Use the “Repair” button on the account to initiate Outlook’s server discovery process. During this process, you may be prompted to receive server configuration from https://autodiscover-s.outlook.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml. You should accept. After completing this process, restart Outlook. If this process doesn't work, please call our Help Desk at 513-556-HELP (4357).

Can I automatically forward my e-mail to another account?  

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. The university strongly urges you to use your UConnect account because we cannot guarantee delivery to external mail sites. E-mail is the primary method of communication between the university and students, and you, as a student, are responsible for reading and responding to e-mails sent to your UConnect address.

However, if you still wish to forward your e-mail:

  • Select the  Gear Icon from the upper right hand corner.
  • Select Options from the menu.
    Options Menu
  • From the Account Options menu, select Connected Accounts:
    Connected Accounts
  • Under Forwarding, type in your address. We recommend that you leave Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App selected, and clean your mailbox periodically:
    Forwarding Options

This will automatically redirect any incoming messages to the address you specified.

Be aware that it still leaves the message in your inbox. This could result in your UConnect e-mail box eventually going over quota and going over quota will cause your mailbox to stop receiving e-mail. For more information about forwarding e-mail, you may visit Microsoft's website.

Must I use the Web interface to access my e-mail or can I use other clients, such as POP and IMAP? 

All protocols are currently supported on Outlook Live so you can continue to use your current e-mail client. UCIT recommends that you use the Web-based access to ensure that you do not lose any feature sets available through the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Note that using other desktop clients may result in the loss of some features.

How do I report spam or other abusive e-mails? 

Report abusive emails to Microsoft using this form.

I accidentally deleted my e-mail. How do I get it back? 

UConnect has a retention period of deleted items for 14 days. But 14 days after you delete mail, it is not recoverable. In Outlook Web Access (OWA), right click on Deleted Items and select “Recover Deleted Items” (last entry on the list).

When I leave the institution, will I lose my e-mail account?  

No. The current policy permits alumni accounts to remain on UConnect.

I’m an employee at the University of Cincinnati. May I have a UConnect account? 

Currently, UConnect mailboxes are designated for eligible student use only. Contract restrictions limit enrollment. Faculty and staff can get free UCMail accounts.

If you are an employee who has just enrolled as a student, call the Help Desk at 513-556-4357 to set up a UConnect account.

Will my account be deleted? Can I request to have my account Deleted? 

We do not actively delete email accounts. We advise you to disable any forwarding rules, or any access from an email account such as GMAIL where you pull the UConnect email into it. Once you have not logged into the account for 6 months, Microsoft will purge the contents to reclaim storage space if the account has not been accessed in a six (6) month period. We advertise these email account as "for life" so by policy we do not delete even upon request.

If I change my password while in UConnect, will it change my access to other services at UC? 

No. Presently (November 2009), password changes on UConnect do not go to the Central Login Service system. Instead, you should initiate password changes using the Password Self-Service site (PSS) at https://www.uc.edu/PSS to ensure password synchronization across UC core systems (Blackboard, OneStop, UConnect, etc.).

Why am I being asked to set up additional account verification information after I already logged in through mail.uc.edu? 

The "mail.uc.edu" is a portal maintained by UC. It redirects a user after you have authenticated to Microsoft Outlook Live for the purpose of a single sign-on. Microsoft Outlook Live requires a user to register the first time you access the account. This is only required once for each user.

I had a SkyDrive on the live@edu service. Where did it go? 

The current SkyDrive service is being “split” from Office 365 as part of the upgrade process from live@edu.  The new service, known as SkyDrive Pro will not contain your SkyDrive data after the upgrade.  You will still be able to access your existing SkyDrive data, but you will need to maintain a separate Windows Live ID to do so.  Because of this separation, we recommend that you migrate your SkyDrive data to the new SkyDrive Pro.

If you are currently using SkyDrive to store documents, we recommend that you download copies of any saved documents to your computer prior to the upgrade.  This step is not an absolute requirement, but will make it easier to migrate your files into the new SkyDrive Pro service.  When the upgrade is complete, you can upload your documents to your new SkyDrive Pro.

If you need to access your old SkyDrive after the upgrade, you can access it directly by visiting https://skydrive.live.com, and signing in with your email address and password.  When you do this, you will be asked to rename your Windows Live ID; once complete, your SkyDrive data will be attached to your “personal” Windows Live ID, which is not controlled by or affiliated with the University of Cincinnati mail system.

In Outlook Web Access, I keep getting a light version even though I do not check it. How do I fix this?  

Office 365 is designed to be functional on almost any modern web browser.  However, some features may be unavailable on outdated versions of some browsers.  Microsoft recommends using one of the following browser versions to insure full functionality on all of the Office 365 services:

  •          Internet Explorer 9 or later
  •          Firefox 12 or later
  •          Safari 5 or later
  •          Chrome 18 or later

If you are using a supported browser and still experience problems, go to Options -> Settings -> General. Under "Accessibility," ensure that you have not checked “Use the blind and low vision experience.”

What limits are assigned to my mailbox that I should be aware of? 

Limit Description Limit
Messaging Limits:
Message Size Limit 25 MB
File attachment size limit 10 MB
File attachment limit 125 attachments
Subject length limit 255 characters
Multipart message limit 250 parts
Embedded message depth limit 30 embedded messages
Mailbox Limits:  
Mailbox Quota 50 GB
Mailbox Quota Message 49 GB
Prohibit Send 49.5 GB
Prohibit Receive
50 GB
Recipient & Sender Limits:  
Recipient limit 500 recipients
Message rate limit 30 messages per minute
Recipient rate limit
10,000 recipients per day
Retention Limits:  
Deleted Items folder retention period Unlimited
Recovery period deleted items 14 days
Junk E-mail folder retention period 30 days


How do I report comments or suggestions regarding UConnect features?  

Please send e-mail to technician@uc.edu. We will review your messages and send them on to the Microsoft developers when appropriate.

Where can I get additional information on Office 365 and its features? 

Still have questions? 

If you are having a problem, please call our Help Desk at 556-HELP (4357) or HelpDesk@uc.edu.

Or, if you a suggestion or comment regarding our service, e-mail us at technician@uc.edu.

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