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Blogs and wikis use a web browser interface, much like a word processor, to create and manage content. This allows you and your team to keep ideas out there and updated content readily available for your readers.

UC provides the following tools for faculty and staff to create blogs and wikis for personal and group use in support of UC goals:


Anyone at UC can create their own UCFileSpace blog or wiki. Just log in to UCFileSpace then click the ‘Create my Blog’ or ‘Create a new Wiki’ button to get started. An automated setup assistant will walk you through the process, including defining who has access to your blog or wiki. For course-based wikis, we can tie your course number to the wiki’s membership list and students will be granted access automatically. Send an e-mail request to UCFShelp@UC.Edu to get your course assigned to a course-based wiki.


UC Faculty and Staff can readily access Microsoft SharePoint blogs and wikis on UC’s intranet and extranet. Blogs or wikis can be added to existing departmental SharePoint sites by the site’s manager—just ask them! SharePoint MySites provide personal extranet sites where users can log in on campus or at home to update content or synchronize with their local machines. Blogs and wikis can be added to MySites by their owners. Owners can also use the built-in microblog at the top of their MySite Profile page to let their colleagues know what’s up. To find out more, please contact us at SharePoint@UC.edu.

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