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Why Podcast?

If you Google for "why podcast?" in your browser, you will come up with literally thousands of results and many pages devoted to explaining the benefits of podcasting for businesses, for community groups, for entertainment companies, and yes, even for education. And each page has a slightly different take on the benefits involved, but nearly everyone agrees upon one thing:

Podcasting gives your audience the flexibility and convenience to listen to your content when they have the desire and the time.

Podcast content is content on demand. Instead of waiting for lengthy files to download, the subscription process means your listener can begin playing the file right away. And unlike written text, audio content can often be enjoyed while performing other tasks, like driving in a car or exercising at the gym.

Podcasting content can be anything:

  • Class lectures
  • Interviews with guest speakers
  • Poetry, book readings, or performance art
  • Student presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Campus events
  • Talk-show format

The possibilities are endless and the technology is easier than you may think. Jump ahead to getting started to begin exploring podcasting at the University of Cincinnati.

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