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Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research

The Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research (UCSIM) provides support for the application of virtual environments to enhance teaching and learning and to model complex processes and phenomena through the use of computer generated and enhanced environments. Our multidisciplinary approach combines expertise in computer graphics and multimedia applications, 3D modeling and design, and internet enabled social and virtual reality software to create educational and practical applications of virtual worlds, augmented reality, 3D immersive and virtual spaces, simulations, and “serious games”.

Our services include:

  • Development of simulations and virtual learning experiences on a variety of platforms
  • Unity3D development
  • Classroom and research space on UC’s virtual campuses in Second Life and OpenSimulator
  • Custom animation and motion capture development
  • Custom 3D modeling and virtual asset development
  • Custom avatars, skins, hair, clothing, and accessories
  • Simulation programming and scripting
  • Research support and assistance with IRB protocol design for virtual experiments

You can learn more at the Center for Simulations and Virtual Environments Research website.

mcmicken in second life

The virtual McMicken Hall in Second Life.


A virtual office space in Second Life.


An avatar in Second Life.

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