Network & Telephone Refresh Project

The IT NEXT: Network & Telephone Refresh Project will provide the university a smarter, faster, and more secure network that meets the ever-increasing demands for reliable and robust connectivity.  

The two-year project will refresh critical components of the university’s IT infrastructure in four phases.

  1. Wired IT Network Replacement: Network building switches in network equipment rooms across the university.
  2. Wireless IT Network Replacement: Wireless Access Points (WAPs) throughout the university. Phase 2 will boost wireless capacity and coverage across the university.
  3. Telephone System Replacement: Phase 3 upgrades the university’s phone system to an Internet-based Voice-over-IP phone system for increased stability, ease-of-maintenance and scalability. This step includes upgrades to all desk and phone lines.
  4. Electrical Upgrades The Office of the University Architect and P+D+C will assess and complete any necessary renovations and electrical upgrades in network equipment rooms to accommodate the new equipment as part of the overall project.

View timeline and projects on the IT Network & Telephone Refresh Project's Schedule page.