What is wepa

wepa is UC's new personal printing service that provides printing for students at various locations around campus; including computer labs, libraries, and other UC public locations. 

With wepa, students can now print universally from:

  • lab computers
  • laptops
  • mobile phones and tablets
  • cloud services
  • USB devices
  • and many more!

The wepa system also includes a universal print queue, so you can print from wherever you are and pick up your prints from any wepa station on campus. There are 37 wepa locations on campus between West and East campus.

With wepa, students will now need to pay for their black and white prints; however, color copies and duplex printing costs have decreased. Students may use their Bearcat cards to pay for prints, or deposit money directly into their wepa accounts.

To get started with wepa, you can visit their website at wepanow.com/printapp and login with your UC login credentials.

There are many ways to print with wepa:

  • You can also download the wepa app onto your personal computer or mobile device, and print from anywhere.
  • Wepa stations also allow you to login to your wepa or Blackboard account and print directly from the printer.
  • Print from the cloud using Google Drive, Office 365, Box at UC, Dropbox, or UC OneDrive account.
  • You can also print from any wepa print station using a USB drive.

The wepa service was recommended by university-wide IT Governance, which includes students, faculty and staff, as a replacement for Uniprint.

For support

To request support for wepa printing, please contact the IT@UC Support Desk

Visit the UCIT printing FAQ webpage for more information on wepa printers, including pricing, printer locations, and more.