UCIT Network & Telecommunication Services offers a wide variety of telephones to meet all your business needs:

Business Phones

Desk Phones

Standard one-line desk phones to Voice over Internet Protocol phones (VoIP) can be ordered through GetIT


Conference Phones

Ideal for small to medium-sized conference rooms.  SoundStation's Conference Phone makes natural, full-duplex (two-way) conversations easy without clipping or distortion. Simple to install and use, extension microphones expand range for medium to larger-sized rooms.  NOTE: The SoundStation requires an analog line and can be ordered through GetIT.

Conference Calling

The University of Cincinnati provides three types of conference calling arrangements:

  1. The CONFERENCE FEATURE button on the ITE12 multi-button phone or feature code “#1” on the ITE4 phone.
  2. The MEET ME CONFERENCE scheduled through the University operator.
  3. The CONFERENCE LINE is used for large conferences that consist of twelve or more members.

View the Conference Calling Quick Guide (PDF) for more information. 

Conference lines can be ordered through GetIT.

Long Distance

UC Authorization Code

Long distance business calls placed from the UC Uptown campus, Victory Parkway Campus, UC Reading Campus, and UC Clermont must be made with a Long Distance Authorization code issued by UCIT. Long distance calls will be billed to the Authorization Code holder's department budget number.

A UC Authorization Code can be ordered through GetIT.

Remote Long Distance

The UC Long Distance Remote Access service provides the capability to call a UC campus telephone while you are traveling. A call to a UC campus telephone can be made by dialing 1-888-558-4682, entering the 5-digit extension number and your UC Long Distance Authorization Code.

Mobile Devices

If you are an employee, you can get a 15% discount on AT&T by visiting this website:

And a 23% discount if you order Sprint via this website:

Cincinnati Bell offers a 15% discount via this site:

Verizon also offers discounts to UC Faculty and Staff and can be accessed via this link: Verizon.

Students can take advantage of discounts from Sprint and AT&T as well via the following websites: or


Quick Start Guides

* Conference Calls

* Dialing Instructions (telephones)

* Dialing Instructions (Remote Access Long Distance)

* ITE 12/30SD

* ITE 4

* Voicemail

* VoIP Phones

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