Set Up Your Voicemail Box

Please take a few minutes (less than 5!) to set up your new voicemail box.

Step 1:

Press the MAIL button on your phone or dial *5

If calling from your campus phone, enter 1111 for (the initial security code). OR if you are calling from a campus phone other than your personal line, Dial *5, press # and enter your 5-digit campus phone number followed by the 1111 security code.

Step 2:

Create and confirm a 4-to-15 digit security code.

Step 3:

Record your first and last name.

Step 4:

Record your personal greeting.
Sample: Hello, you’ve reached (YOUR NAME). Sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message, and I’ll return your call as soon as I can. Thank you!

Need help? These helpful resources are just a click or a call away!

Web PhoneManager

Web PhoneManager allows you to manage your voice messages online!

To login, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your 5-digit extension (X-XXXX).
  3. Enter your security code.
  4. Click the "Login" button.

What stays the same in the new voicemail system? 

You dial the SAME numbers to access the voice mail system on campus.

  • 6-MAIL (6245) on Uptown Campus West.
  • 8-MAIL (6245) on Uptown Campus East.

You dial the SAME numbers to forward your calls to voice mail.

  • 6-MAIL (6245) on Uptown Campus West.
  • 8-MAIL (6245) on Uptown Campus East.

You press the SAME buttons to access voicemail from your office phone.

  • Press the mail button on your phone.
  • Or, press * 5.

You dial the SAME numbers to access voice mail from an off-campus line.

  • 513-556-6245 (Uptown Campus West) or 513-558-6245 (Uptown Campus East)
  • Press #.
  • Enter your mail box number (X-XXXX).
  • Enter your security code.

You press the SAME button to bypass the greeting and leave a message.

  • Press #.

What is different in the new voicemail system? 

The new system will ask for a 4-to-15 digit "security code." (The old system referred to this code as a "password.")

The default "security code" is 1111 (not your X-XXXX extension--the old system's default "password.")

Messages will autoplay! (No need to press 1 anymore.)

The DELETE button is 4. (Pressing 3, the old system's delete button, will "rewind" your message by 5 seconds.)

The SAVE button is 5. (Pressing 2, the old system's save button, will forward your message.)

Before hanging up, you will be prompted to hear all deleted messages. (There is no DELETED MESSAGES folder. Once a session is ended, all deleted messages are erased.)


How can I access my voice messages in the old system? 

You can still access messages on the old voicemail system between July 22 and August 22. Here’s how:

  1. Dial 8-6100.
  2. Press #.
  3. Follow the prompts to access your old voicemail box.

Can I transfer messages from the old system to the new one? 

Sorry. You will not be able to transfer saved messages from your current voicemail box to your new voicemail box.

What do I do if I get locked out of my mailbox? 

  • The system allows two attempts per call-in to enter the correct security code before hanging up.
  • After three call-ins with the incorrect security code (a total of six attempts), the mailbox will be locked out.
  • For assistance, call 6-9378.

How do I know when I have new voice messages? 

You will know you have a new voice message when the “Message Waiting” light on your desk phone is lit or your phone display reads “Voice Message.”

How do I check my voicemail? 

  • Press “mail” button OR dial *5 to connect to the voicemail system.
  • You will be prompted to enter your security code.

How can I access my voicemail box from home or from my cell phone? 

  • Dial 513-556-MAIL (6245) or 513-558-MAIL (6245).
  • Press #.
  • Enter your voicemail box number (X-XXXX).
  • Enter your security code.

How do I forward, reply to or save a message? 

  • To forward a message, press 2.
  • To reply to a message, press 8.
  • To save a message, press 5.
  • To delete a message, press 4.
  • For help using the Telephone Interface, please review the Quick Reference Card.

How do I “fast forward” a message, skip to the end of message or delete a message? 

  • To advance (fast forward) a message by 5 seconds, press 9.
  • To skip to the end of a message, press 7.
  • To delete a message (while listening to it or after it’s over,), press 4.

Can the system call the person who left a message?  

Yes! Press 8 after the message plays. The system will transfer you to the extension from which the message originated.

How do I change my personal greeting? 

  • Login to the voicemail system.
  • Press 3 for Phone Manager.
  • Press 4 a second time to change your standard greeting.
  • Start recording after the tone.
  • Press the any key to end.
  • Press 5 to save.
  • Press the * key to cancel, and then press 4 to record again.

How do I transfer a caller directly to voicemail? 

While on an active call, follow these steps to transfer the caller directly to a voicemail box:

  • Press transfer.
  • Dial 6-6245.
  • Listen for system to answer.
  • Press X-XXXX (voicemail box number).
  • Hang up.
  • The caller has been transferred directly to the voicemail box.

How do I set an out-of-office greeting?  

  • Login to the voicemail system.
  • Press 3 to enter the Phone Manager menu.
  • Press 6 to record your out-of-office greeting.
  • Following the remaining system instruction.

Where can I get more information or assistance?  

What is the Web PhoneManager? How do I log into it? 

Web PhoneManager allows you to manage your voice messages online.

To login, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your 5-digit extension (X-XXXX).
  3. Enter your security code.
  4. Click the "Login" button.

What happens if I don't set up my new voicemail box by July 22? 

UCIT is making a special effort to give our partners on campus the opportunity to set up their greeting on the new system before it's brought into service on July 22.

If you are not able to do so, the new system will provide a default greeting that  announces your telephone number and allows callers to leave a message.

Get the most out of Your Voicemail

Set-Up Tip: Choose your security code wisely!
Your extension or a simple number string, such as 1111 or 1234 are not secure codes.

Quick Reference Card

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Training Videos
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