Data Storage & Servers

As you can imagine, the university needs to store a lot of information. As we move away from paper files and archives and towards electronic storage and processing, our needs for data storage and capacity grow very quickly.

UCIT offers several state-of-the-art ways to manage this influx of need for capacity.

We have a data center that is secure, both from invasion threats and also from environmental concerns, using features such as water detection alarms and raised floors to facilitate a necessary flow of cool air.

But did you know that you can store your college/departmental servers in our data center as well? For a reasonable fee, we'll make sure your equipment is in the most stable, secure environment anywhere on campus.

Or maybe you don't want to store equipment, but would rather let us host your information on our servers. We even offer virtual server hosting, so you can access your systems just as if they were sitting next to you but with the assurance that they are safe in our data center.

Whatever your data and storage needs, UCIT is here to help:

  • University of Cincinnati Information Technologies
  • 400 University Hall
  • P.O. Box 210658
  • Cincinnati, OH 45221