Data Storage & Servers

Enterprise Backup Service

UCIT provides the University of Cincinnati with state of the art backup services which are comprised of the following components:

  • IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) running on an AIX P750 system backing up 4-6 TB nightly
  • EMC Data Domain DD990 Data Deduplication Storage System with an approximate capacity of 800TB compressed
  • STK SL8500 Automatic Tape Library with a capacity of 2500 Tape cartridges.

UCIT currently houses over 700TB of data for the University of Cincinnati. By utilizing state of the art data deduplication, we work to keep costs down and service levels up. By utilizing Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL), we have the capabilities of providing virtual tape drives to co-locators housed in our data center thereby providing the highest possible backup and restore speeds. If you choose to use our TSM system, we will provide administration and support of your data, monitor performance and ensure a high level of quality service. If you opt to utilize your own backup software, let us provide virtual tape storage allowing you to concentrate on your backup administration without worrying about tape rotations or tape resources.

TSM overview

UCIT utilizes IBM’s full-featured Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) product to backup data on your server-level machines, such as application, file and database servers. TSM is a client/server application that enables users to backup, restore, archive, and retrieve data over the network.

Features and benefits

  • Backup and recovery for departmental servers
  • Scheduled automatic backups
  • Ability for client to initiated recovery
  • Copies of data kept offsite for Disaster Recovery


University of Cincinnati colleges and departments are eligible to contract with UCIT for Enterprise Backup Services.

Service details

TSM offers both backup and archive services. The two processes work independent of each other. You can both archive and backup a file, however how the TSM server handles the file is very different.

The backup process is used to save data that is modified frequently, such as an active operations system partition or data store, and allows you to save different versions of the same file. Should the on-server version of the file become corrupted or inaccessible, you can restore to a previous version of a backed up file; multiple copies of the file may be available, depending on the limits set by the storage policy you negotiate with UCIT for your data. TSM sets a backup limit on how many versions of each file are kept on the TSM server, and when that backup limit is reached, the next backup process will overwrite the oldest version of a file with the new backup version to keep within the backup limit.

Archiving is a one-time snapshot of a file or object in its present state, without versioning. The archive service is generally used for long-term retention of data that is not being modified but must be retained by the user as a permanent record.

Please contact us for additional information or to request UCIT Backup Services. 

Areas of responsibilities

UCIT and Client responsibilities will be clearly defined upon engaging in a UCIT Enterprise Backup Service.

UCIT responsibilities

  • Installation, maintenance, and configuration of new and existing hardware, firmware, license codes, and software on all enterprise backup equipment
  • Incident response related to disruptions of service from the backup hardware infrastructure including but not limited to disk failures, controller failures, fan failures, and other equipment failures typical of an enterprise backup environment
  • Provide secured offsite tape vaulting
  • Assistance with acquiring, installing and configuring the necessary TSM client
  • Access to TSM daily report utility
  • Managing and processing renewal of all support agreements covering hardware or software related to the enterprise backup infrastructure

Client responsibilities

  • Client Software license management
  • Client configuration and support

Rates (FY 2014)

UCIT is known for providing excellent service and support to its current customers and is looking forward to extending their services throughout campus. Please contact us to determine your UCIT Enterprise Backup Service requirements.

Enterprise Backup Service fees

Onetime Setup Fee..........$370.45
Monthly Per GB Fee..........$.07 

The client is responsible for purchasing and maintaining TSM client.
Client supported Operating systems and applications.

Rate examples

Departmental file server (500 GB of Data) x $.07...........$35.00
Total annual charges for this service $35.00 x 12...........$420.00
Onetime Setup Fee...................................................$370.45

SL8500 Automatic Tape Library

SL8500 Automatic Tape Library has a capacity of 2500 tape cartridges and has six 9940B tapes drives and four 9840B tape drives.

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