Data Storage & Servers

Enterprise Storage Service

UCIT provides the University of Cincinnati with state of the art Storage services which are comprised of the following components:
Dual redundant SAN fabrics each containing Brocade director class fiber switches.

EMC Symmetrix VMAX Storage Array providing~163TB of usable space.
EMC NS-480\Celerra Storage Array providing ~150TB of usable space. Celerra supports CIFS, NFS and iSCSI protocols.
Data Domain DD990 Deduplication Storage System capable of holding approximately 800TB of data and providing multiple Virtual Tape Libraries, CIFS and NFS shares.


UCit provides access to several tiers of storage depending upon the specific need. Within UCit’s Data Center we can provide data access over 8GB Fiber Channel connections to the premier name in storage, EMC Symmetrix for optimum performance.

Areas of Responsibilities

UCit and Client responsibilities will be clearly defined upon engaging in a UCIT Enterprise Backup Service.

UCIT responsibilities:

  • Installation, maintenance and configuration of new and existing hardware, firmware, license codes and software on storage appliance
  • Incident response related to disruptions of service from the storage subsystem including but not limited to disk failures, controller failures, fan failures, and other equipment failures typical of a storage appliance
  • Provisioning of new storage volumes (LUNS) for presentation to clients, including CIFS, NFS and ISCSI
  • Integration of storage system into monitoring and alerting system.
  • After-hours response to system outages in accordance with the Systems on-call policy
  • Performance monitoring of existing hardware with timely communication to clients about storage system performance problems and bottlenecks with suggested resolution path
  • Managing and processing renewal of all support agreements covering hardware or software related to the storage appliance

Client responsibilities:

  • Client software management (Ex. PowerPath)
  • Client configuration and support.
  • Eligibility 

University of Cincinnati colleges and departments are eligible to contract with UCIT for Enterprise Storage Services

Service details

The goal of our Storage Administration team is to provide world class data storage at economical pricing. If your organization co-locates within our G95 Data Center or is within fiber-run reach, we can provide data access over 8GB Fiber Channel connections to several tiers of storage depending upon your specific needs. If your organization has their own on-campus facility, we can provide excellent service over Ethernet utilizing our NS480\Celerra SAN providing CIFS, NFS or iSCSI connections. In either case, our storage administration team will provide administrative support, performance monitoring and 24x7 data availability. After a careful assessment of your needs, we will customize a solution to meet your requirements.

Rates (FY 2014)

The table below represents the estimated monthly cost per Gigabyte.


  Startup Fee  

  Monthly Fee Per GB  

 Tier 1 Storage (Premium) FC, SSD        Yes            $.40
 Tier 2 Storage (Regular) SATA       Yes            $.23

Startup Fee

A ($370.45) startup fee will be charged for each newly attached server. This fee helps covers the cost associated with the infrastructure of the environment. The fee also covers the cost of personnel to architect and configure the new connections.

Service Request

UCIT is known for providing excellent service and support to its current customers and is looking forward to extending their services throughout campus. Please contact us to determine your UCIT Enterprise Storage requirements

Symetrix Vmax

Symetrix Vmax, housing 160TB of storage.

  • University of Cincinnati Information Technologies
  • 400 University Hall
  • P.O. Box 210658
  • Cincinnati, OH 45221