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SharePoint really is what it says—an easily accessible place to share. It is a collection of Microsoft web-based tools and technologies that work together to enable teams to collaborate. You can use UCIT’s SharePoint environment with a web browser, Internet access and access to VPN.

A few of the built-in features of SharePoint include:

  • A central and customizable homepage that allows you to share information such as calendar events, links, discussion boards, documents, task lists, wikis, etc. across teams or across the university
  • Powerful and configurable search tools that have been redesigned and improved to allow you to retrieve information quickly
  • Enabled content and document management with a version history that lets you easily revert to a previous version if undesired changes were made
  • Document “Check-In” and “Check-Out” functions that eliminate the risk of two people attempting to edit a document at the same time
  • Integration with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lync and Access. 
  • Ability to retrieve a deleted item without calling IT for help
  • Facilitation of document management through approval processes
  • Automate and streamline your business processes
  • Create, sort, view, and reuse information quickly
  • Access critical business information, analyze and view data and publish reports to make better-informed decisions without the need for IT interventions
  • MySites are individual collaboration websites built just for you! Use the same SharePoint tools noted above to organize your work life, share information and keep others informed about what is important to you
  • Granular permissions can be set at almost any level within the site or site collection. They range from read-only, to contributor, to administrator (with several variations in-between) using Central Login Service user IDs so that only those individuals granted access can see the files

SharePoint hosting with UCIT is better because: 

  • UCIT can reduce your SharePoint total cost of ownership and reduce your IT footprint by hosting most SharePoint sites for around $125 a month, which is probably (a lot) lower than what you currently pay for SharePoint servers, staff and training.
  • We’ll move your content from existing SharePoint sites—for FREE. 
  • We’ll train your staff and administrators on basic functionality and site administration. 
  • On-site hosting means that UC staff and UC’s Help Desk are here to answer your questions and help you with changes when you need us.
  • When UCIT’s SharePoint environment is upgraded to the latest and greatest version, your sites will automatically be upgraded—for no additional charge!

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Visit our FAQ page to get answers to your most frequently asked SharePoint questions.

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